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An Insider’s Guide to Getting Into Isenberg

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Students studying at Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts

Applying for admission to the Isenberg School of Management can be a daunting task, so I wanted to provide some insider tips that will hopefully make the process as simple as possible! I applied into Isenberg at the end of my freshman year and was accepted into the BBA program that very summer. 

How you should apply into Isenberg once you are enrolled at the University of Massachusetts depends on your situation and the major for which you are applying. The official Isenberg website has more detailed information for current UMass students wanting to transfer.  

For normal internal tranfers looking to enroll in Isenberg:

Students can apply to be in the Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) Program, the Sport Management Program, or the BBA Program (which includes accounting, management, marketing, finance, and operations & information management).

Essentially, there are two main hurdles that you will need to complete to apply. There is a mandatory information session that you must attend and mandatory predictor courses you must complete.

Mandatory Information Session: The sessions are held on several dates throughout the semester and are meant to educate students on the general application process and requirements. If there is any way you cannot attend any of the sessions, you can email the Undergraduate Programs Office to work something out.

Predictor Courses: In addition to the information session, applicants must perform well in several predictor courses in order to be considered. Depending on your length of time in college, you will need to have taken (or have in progress) varying amounts of predictor courses. These requirements are listed on the undergraduate page and differ for BBA, HTM, and Sport Management transfers. In general, the GPA required to get into the BBA program is higher than for HTM and Sport.

Helpful Tips & Clarifications:

  • When you apply to Isenberg, you can be currently enrolled in a predictor course and have it count.
  • If you have tested out of a predictor course due to an AP test score of 5, you do not need to retake the class. The score of 5 will be counted as an A on your application.
  • Isenberg will not take into account the level of difficulty of the classes you are in for your overall GPA. For example, the GPA credit for Chemistry 111 would be worth the same as an arguably easier class.
  • Non-Isenberg students do not have access to the Isenberg undergraduate advisors or to the Chase Career Center coaches. However, students at the front desks of these offices will be more than willing to share their experiences and help answer your questions. 

For "Exploratory Track" transfers: 

A select few may be invited to join the “Business Exploratory Track Program”. These students get the opportunity to explore their interests in business including the various majors offered in Isenberg. They have access to Isenberg undergraduate advising and to the Chase Career Center. This track is "invitation only" and available to a select few. Students in this track still need to satisfy the appropriate core predictor courses for admission to the program, however.

I know from firsthand experience just how nerve-wracking it can be to apply into a major. However, if you put in the work and complete the necessary steps, getting into Isenberg is a phenominal accomplishment. Once I was accepted, I attended a "Welcome to Isenberg" seminar where they discussed how much the school appreciates the students who transfer in. They recognize that admission to Isenberg is incredibly competitive, and they love how hard-working the transfer students are. 

You are not alone in applying into Isenberg! Some of my best friends in Isenberg switched in from all sorts of majors. My advice is to work hard and keep a positive attitude — it is all worth it in the end! 


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