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How to Get An Internship At UMass: Isenberg Edition!

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Exterior of the Isenberg School of Management

Getting an internship as a business student can be one of the most valuable things to do during your time at college. Not only do you get to gain real world experience in what it is you are interested in, but you also get to network and learn even more about yourself and the field you are studying. Some internships can certainly be selective, but luckily, there are dozens of resources you can use to help you get that summer gig you have always wanted!


For starters, the Isenberg School of Management has numerous companies that often visit the building and facilities on a weekly basis. Some companies that have visited or will visit Isenberg this year include: MGM, TJX, Target, the "Big Four" accounting firms, and more. Here, students are able to talk to recruiters and representatives from the company and express interests in internships and/or jobs. Even if you do not want to work for a specific company, it is still a great way to gain experience and practice pitching yourself as a potential employee.


UMass goes above and beyond when trying to help their students find jobs, and the job and career fairs are a great example of that. This year, there was a job fair at the Campus Center for Isenberg students in which eighty-six different companies came to talk to students about internships, jobs, and more. This was a perfect way for students put themselves out there in the business world and learn more about the future industries they might be involved with. Some students are able to get on-the-spot interviews or be asked to have an interview in the near future. There are even job fairs for students that are not in Isenberg, so make sure to talk to advisors and check your college's website!


But what if you are not totally ready to get out there and talk to recruiters immediately? Have no fear because Isenberg also has great resources to develop excellent interview, résumé, and people skills. There are actually classes you can take that will help you improve your interviewing skills and your résumé. Isenberg also has the Chase Career Center to help business students develop professionally. I know that using the resources at UMass really helped my résumé and my personal skills when it came to getting an internship. Before I was a student in Isenberg, I was a biology student and, through talking with advisors, I was able to get an internship there as well!


One of the most important tips I can give when trying to find an internship is that it is never too late or too early to start. In reality, some companies are looking for interns to hire for summer 2019 already! UMass students are fortunate that the University presents so many opportunities so as long as you put yourself out there, getting an internship can be easy!



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