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Going Home for the Weekend

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Going home for a weekend may be the last thing you want to do once finally getting back into the swing of life at school, but it can actually be a helpful experience! My freshman year, I had fully convinced myself that going home would inhibit my ability to acclimate to college life, when in fact the opposite is true. There were times I just needed to see my family, friends, and simply sleep in my own bed! These short weekends at home helped put things in perspective and cured the slight homesickness I was feeling.

Even now, I still enjoy going home on most long weekends and special occasions. Just this past weekend, I headed home to look after my brother while my parents were away for the weekend on vacation. To get home quickly, buses can be a reliable source of transportation. Peter Pan Bus Lines departs to MANY locations from right outside the Fine Arts Center! Since I don’t have a car at school, these buses have been an godsend to get me home when I need to be.


One of the best parts of being home is seeing friends you don’t get to see as often anymore. Although you make new friends in college, it really is true that your high school friends will always be an important part of your life. During your time at home, make sure to plan your time well because it will go quickly, and before you know it it’ll be time to head back to school. Since most trips home are so short, it may be hard to get back into the swing of home life. Just remember to appreciate your bed at home (there’s nothing like it) and eat as MANY home-cooked meals as you can (even though UMass Dining may be #1, it can’t beat mom's home cooked meals).


Going home for the weekend is always a great way to visit with family, friends, and to recharge, so make sure to make every last moment count!


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