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Fighting Addiction to Social Media

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We all know someone who is on their phone constantly — someone who is not present in a social situation. I have realized that that someone is me.


What really solidified my realization of phone addiction was the new iPhone update that tracks your usage time. In my Comm 338 class -- Children, Teens, and Media (a class that I highly recommend to any Comm major) -- we discussed this common addiction and the effects that follow. Common media use can lead to lack of physical activity, eventually to health-related issues, and, as our mothers would say, “It will rot your brain!”


It opened my eyes a bit, as I’ve noticed myself becoming more out of shape and not as in tune with my surroundings as I’d like to be. College is the time to enjoy ourselves in the moment, not glued to the screen. I’ve deleted some social media apps on my phone, such as Facebook and Pinterest, and the more addicting Instagram and Twitter. I’ve also kept my phone in my bag or my pocket rather than in my hands as I walk from class to class, and even put it away during class and turn it off when I’m doing homework. I know my brain, eyes, and body need a break, and I think this is a good start.


So far, it’s been a week since I’ve “cleansed” my phone, and I’m feeling happier and more focused on my social life and myself.


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