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Family Night in Amherst

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UMass student and family eating out at an Amherst restaurant

Recently, my family came to visit me here in Amherst. They brought my uncle, who was visiting from Seattle, where he lives. My uncle doesn’t come too often so this was quite possibly the one time I was going to be able to show him around Amherst. All he knew about this town was that it’s tiny, quaint, and a little less than two hours from the big city of Boston. So, I took it upon myself to show him just how fun Amherst really is.


We parked in the center of town and began wandering about. Our walk was limited to South Pleasant Street; on that street, there is everything. There’s countless restaurants and shops. You don’t need to keep walking to find a place that seems appetizing. There’s Tibetan food, Vietnamese food, pizza, and countless other options. We were almost immediately overwhelmed and couldn’t choose.


We settled on Judie’s Restaurant. For those who are unfamiliar, Judie’s is always a good option and serves mostly American food. Every time I go, I get something different, and I’m never disappointed. We left full and satisfied, but saved room for bubble tea from LimeRed. Whenever my family comes, they need to stop there. And whenever we stop there, we always have to stand in a line because it’s so popular. That actually goes for many places in Amherst. The town, although quaint, is still lively.


I think people often underestimate Amherst. They think there isn't much to do because it’s a college town and not the big city; I know my uncle did. Before I came here, I know I did. But for both of us, we came and saw just how much there is to do in the town. I saw how much I love living here, and now my uncle can't wait to come back before I graduate.


Theres so much to do in Amherst. And even I have a lot of exploring to do. Stay tuned for future posts highlighting these excursions!


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