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The Digital Media Lab at the University of Massachusetts is located on the third floor of Du Bois Library.

This past week, I spent a good chunk of my time exploring the Digital Media Lab (DML) on the third floor of the W.E.B. Du Bois Library. If you are interested in creating music, podcasts, movies, or any type of multimedia content, this is the place for you! It has four sound rooms and two green screen rooms. University of Massachusetts students can rent these rooms up to one hour per day. If you are working in a group, each member can rent the room for one hour. For example, a group of three students can rent a room for three hours.

I was at the DML recording a podcast for my Media, Culture, and Technology journalism course. For this project I was working with two other students. We rented out a large sound room to begin recording our draft. The sound rooms are great for this because they are padded and prevent outside noise from coming in. Recorders tend to pick up on everything so the quieter the room, the better. Overall, I was impressed with the way our audio turned out.

The DML has a service desk where you can rent and ask questions about equipment you might need. Some of the rentals include DSLR Cameras, GoPros, tripods, microphones, headphones, recorders, and even a portable green screen. Remember to pay close attention to each item’s borrowing and return policy. You wouldn’t want to have to pay a late fee! Students don’t even have to leave the room to complete their projects. The space provides several iMacs with editing software already installed in them.

The DML is not restricted to students only creating digital content. It’s also a great place to study in peace. Sometimes the biggest challenge at the library can be finding an open spot. I’ve noticed the DML never gets too busy and I can always snag a comfortable seat. The sound and green screen rooms fill up fast so I recommend booking them a day in advance! Reserve either room here.


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