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Cushman Market and Café

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Cushman Market and Cafe

If you are ever looking for an off-campus breakfast spot, I recommend the Cushman Market and Café. It’s a cute and eclectic restaurant located in North Amherst. They serve a delicious menu for both breakfast and lunch.


This place is one of my favorite eateries in town! It has vintage decorations and pictures on all the wooden walls; there is always something to catch your eye when you look up from your meal. It also has a compost to throw all your scraps in (although I personally never have many leftovers).


This morning, my friend and I grabbed a bite to eat here. She got one of the café's classic “Hobo’s” dishes, which is a bowl consisting of eggs, cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, sauces and more! I got one of the egg breakfast sandwiches with avocado and chipotle sauce in it... delish!


They have a variety of coffee and tea drinks to choose from! I usually get a caramel iced latte (It’s my go-to coffee drink). The free WiFi makes it the perfect place to catch up on work while keeping warm with a mug in hand.


The front of this cozy café has a small and quirky market. It sells things ranging from unique trinkets to groceries. If you end up going here, I recommend you bring a friend to share the experience.

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