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Building Your Network at UMass

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Building your network in college is a great way to catapult your future success. You’ve probably heard it over and over again: “Your network is your net worth.” This didn’t make much sense to me until I came to UMass and started to garner my own network of professors and students.

These are the people who will help both now and in the future, and they are essential to your growth as a person.

The great thing about UMass? Networking is made easy! Below, I describe some helpful aspects of networking at UMass and how to make the most of your time here.


1. Even when you’re not “networking,” you’re networking.

What I wish I had known earlier is that every encounter you have in college is essentially a form of networking. Everything from asking a professor a question to going to a dining hall with a new friend is another way that you are expanding your network.


2. UMass alumni love to help out current students

When it comes to networking, reaching out to UMass alumni is a great start. As a general rule, UMass alumni are thrilled to help current students find job opportunities. It’s not uncommon for students to reach out to UMass alumni on LinkedIn who work at their dream companies!


3. UMass hosts formal networking events for students and alumni

If you’re not keen on cold-emailing or calling someone who works at your dream company, why not meet them in person? UMass hosts tons of networking events for current students based on major, company, and career interests. These events are personally my favorite because they often involve free food!


4. Career fairs are the perfect way to network

UMass hosts many career fairs where students can meet countless recruiters from amazing companies who are searching specifically for UMass students. Companies love to hire students from UMass because they know we are go-getters.


5. The sheer size of UMass leads to a large network

You will meet tons of people at UMass — it’s inevitable! The benefit of going to a larger university is that you’ll meet so many more people. This can only help you in the long run, and you will be so happy you put in the effort now rather than scrambling to meet people later in life.


Overall, attending UMass leads to amazing connections. You will be thrilled with how your alumni status will help you in the future, and how being a current student opens doors for you now!


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