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Build Your Own Major with BDIC

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Bachelor's Degree With Individual Concentration

What is BDIC?

The Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration Program (BDIC) at UMass is an interdisciplinary program that allows students the opportunity to pursue their interests to a fuller extent than traditional majors offer. 


Before pursuing a BDIC major, I was studying political science and legal studies. Both were fascinating topics, however, I felt like something was missing.  I have always been interested in psychology and know that my end goal is to have my own private practice as a psychologist. When I learned about BDIC, I realized I could design a unique degree that perfectly suited my career needs. My major, managerial psychology and the law, draws from business management, psychology, and legal studies.  Luckily, I am afforded enough academic flexibility to also pursue political science and sociology minors — so I don't have to give up anything I love. With roughly 80-100 majors graduating every year, BDIC is an intensive, but rewarding academic path.


Perks of BDIC

Designing and completing your own major has meta-educational benefits, such as gaining experience in advocating for oneself and developing goal-oriented thinking. In the process of creating your own course schedule, you work closely with professors to enroll in upper-level classes and find opportunities to gain experience in the fields you are studying. 


Besides staff connections and self-development, BDIC also enables students the ability to take courses offered across almost all academic colleges at UMass. Enrolling in these courses enhances your résumé and allows you to work along side driven peers and accomplished professors in many disciplines.


Finally, building your own major is unique. Applying for jobs is similar to applying to college in the sense that individuality, motivation, and accomplishment are all crucial for a knock-out application.  By assuming responsibility over your own education, you are showing potential employers that you know who you are, what you want, and that you are able to use your resources in order to make it happen.  


In Summary

If BDIC sounds intriguing, but intimidating, do not fear! The BDIC office offers plenty of resources to assist you in this process, such as informational sessions, drop-in advising (located in the Honors College), and even a course dedicated to designing your major.  


At the end of the day, college is the place for experimentation.  If you are like me and have a passion for a lot of things, but a general sense of the direction you want to go, BDIC is the perfect way to build focus and set you apart from other applicants when pursuing internships or jobs. 

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