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Beyond the paycheck: Using jobs to find a home at UMass!

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Group of UMass Amherst students

After my first year at UMass, when the dust seemed to settle and I felt more comfortable at the school, I knew I wanted to try to get a job. When I first began to check out the UMass job board and pay more attention to all of the flyers on job boards, I realized that I could really do whatever I wanted.

While I don’t know the exact statistic of how many students actually hold a job on campus, as a senior, I can confidently say that every single one of my friends has had a job or gotten paid on campus somehow. Which is amazing! Everyone could use some work experience and extra money! We have all done different things, working different hours a week, but were able to choose something that fit with our interests and schedules!

I became a tour guide early in my sophomore year and have loved every second since! The opportunity to make a group of friends in all different departments and majors, all while making money, helping prospective students, and making amazing faculty and staff connections has made all the difference in my time here.

One of my home friends works at a dining hall, rolling sushi! Yes, we have hand-rolled sushi at the dining halls here….She wanted a job and was given a choice of what area she wanted to work in. She was debating pizza or sushi, and eventually made the choice to focus on California and spicy tuna rolls, and now has a group of friends who work with her every week, and a fun cooking skill!

We have more student-run businesses than any other university in the country! This means that there are many different places on campus to work, where your boss is going to be another student! These communities are extremely tight knit, as everyone needs to pull their weight in running the business! We have a variety of student run businesses, like a milkshake shop, a vegetarian/vegan lunch spot, a bike shop, and a design and copy shop!

Many of my friends work as tutors on campus. We have the Learning Resource Center in the library that hires student tutors as well as the athletic department that hires students to tutor their athletes. Through trainings and during tutoring sessions, my friends have made connections with people, all while helping them pass a class! My roommate is an athlete tutor and she bumped into some of her former tutees the other day while we were downtown, and they asked her to take a picture with them because she had helped them get such good grades!

Additionally, I know many people that have created exceptional faculty and staff relationships because of their positions on campus. Another one of my roommates works as an office assistant in a career advising office in the business school, effectively creating a great relationship with the advisors! My sister works as a personal trainer in the kinesiology training center on campus where she is asked my different professors to work with different ranges of clients.

All in all, working on campus is something that is available to everyone, whether you have work-study or not. The opportunity to get paid and make friends and other valuable relationships on campus is one that I would absolutely recommend. 


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