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Being a Double Major

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Having two majors sounds a lot tougher than it is. When I say I am getting degrees in both communication and journalism, people are very quick to assume I’m some studious bookworm who spends my whole life in the library. This is far from true. The truth is, if you’re really interested in the topics, getting a double major can be easy!


I came to UMass as a communication major. I had no idea what this entailed, but what I did know was that my mom, a communication major at Boston College, loved where her degree got her. So, I was inspired to do the same. What’s nice about communication is that its broad — I will be left with endless potential job opportunities after receiving the degree. However, because communication is so broad, I felt as though I needed a focal point. This is why I added journalism to the mix. Mind you, I had no experience whatsoever with journalism prior to adding the major. My decision for its addition was inspired after a long phone call I had with my grandmother, where we spoke of our political climate and the importance broadcast journalists play in how we consume our daily media. This led me to deeply consider broadcasting as a career, and ultimately led me finalize communication and journalism as my two degrees.


Although there are times where I question if I would do better (academically) if I only focused on getting one degree, I know that my mix of majors will one day lead me to exactly where I want (if I officially decide on broadcasting). Even if that’s not the career path I chose to go on, they’re two broad enough majors that I can still use them in a lot of other jobs, too. I’m also fortunate to have both majors in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (SBS), so I don’t have to worry about meeting extra requirements for two different schools. However, if this is the case for you, each department has advisors that will help you plan out your schedule according to any double major, minor, or certificate you want to earn. The advisors are there to ensure that we meet mandated requirements per each major, thus keeping us on track to graduate on time.


While I didn’t know anything about journalism before deciding it to literally be a part of my future career, I know that I love both of my degrees and am excited for what my future academic career holds. UMass has countless resources to make sure we aren’t under unbearable pressure in any department, and especially if you decide you want more than one degree. In fact, double majoring/getting a minor is encouraged here. So, if there are several majors/minors that interest you at UMass, don’t be afraid to explore them!



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