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Apple Picking in Northampton

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UMass students apple picking

There’s no better place to be living in the Fall than in Amherst. From the colorful leaves to the cool air, you’ll get the authentic seasonal experience. Now it is possible to find all of this on campus, but I recommend stepping out once in a while to see what the surrounding towns have to offer. That’s exactly what I did last weekend.


My friends and I went to a place called Park Hill Orchard for apple picking. We had a lot of fun scouring the orchard looking for the ripest apples and taking group pictures in the fields. Bringing back and storing all our fruit would have been somewhat of an inconvenience, so we ended up stuffing ourselves with most of the apples we picked while we were there. Though we soon realized this wasn’t the best idea, because this place has countless other snacks and sweets for people to buy.


In their farm stand are various treats made from the orchard’s locally grown food. I’m a sucker for apple cider donuts, and theirs were some of the best I’d tasted. I also tried one of their famous signature cider slushies, which was amazing. They had everything: fudge, ice cream, pies. And on certain days of the week, there’s a farmer’s market where local farmers sell some of their best homegrown products. There were so many snacks I wanted to buy, but, unlike apples, money doesn’t grow on trees.


Park Orchard Hill is a great outing and way to spend your day. If you only have one day to spend outside of campus, I recommend making your way here. And if you do end up going, make sure it’s with an empty stomach. 


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