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Apartment vs. House

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Apartment vs. House

For the past two years I have lived off campus. During my junior year, I rented an apartment in North Amherst and now in my senior year I live in a house near Amherst Center. I loved my apartment last year, but I already like my home away from home more! 


Apartment Living

The apartment I lived in was relatively new (1-2 years old) and very modern. It was clean, and all of its walls were freshly painted. I shared this cozy two-bedroom apartment with two of my closest friends. Our kitchen was tiny, but I didn’t mind this so much. I’m not much of a chef anyway. Plus, the smaller the kitchen, the easier it is to clean. My roommates might have said otherwise. They liked to cook, especially stir-fry! 


Most of our neighbors in the building consisted of students, but it was nothing like dorm living. Most residents kept to themselves but were friendly. The student atmosphere made me feel safe. Plus, we had two different locks to get in!


Here I lived a little over a mile off campus. I told myself I was going to walk to my classes on every nice day. Little did I know this was a big lie. Thankfully, we had a bus stop right near us. The PVTA really is a life-saver. I took it every day, and the only days I didn’t were when I missed it.


I remember feeling really sad about leaving this place. I lived there for less than a year, but it already had some of my greatest memories. I thought living in a home couldn’t compare to my cute apartment. I was wrong. 


House Living

It was a 90-degree day when I moved in, and it felt like a sauna. It was an old, creaky house. I remember instantly missing my old apartment. It’s funny to think about how much my feelings and thoughts toward the house have changed in one month! 


My housemates are usually around and available to chat. Unfortunately, we all have different majors so we don’t help each other with assignments. We each brought separate couches and lounge chairs. I like to call it the "House of Furniture."


Living right by the center is undeniably the best part. Within a 5-minute walk, I can be at one of my favorite sushi restaurants or coffee shops. Side note: I highly suggest going to Share Coffee in Amherst Center (they have the best iced lattes). 


The house gives me way more space than my apartment ever could. I love having multiple room options in which I can do my work. We even converted our mudroom into a small study area! The downfall of having more space is that it means there are also more rooms to furnish and clean. Most homes come unfurnished. 


Now, I think the oldness of the place gives it character and shows it has a history. Plus, I think my roommates and I did a great job of adding our own charm to it.


Overall Thoughts

Last year, my apartment was the right place for me at the time. Now that I’m a senior, I like having the extra space. Both rents ended up costing around the same. When choosing between an apartment or a house, I think it comes down to the area you want to live in and the amount of rooms you are looking for. I suggest living by a PVTA bus stop, especially if you don’t have a car on campus. If you ever plan to live off campus, I suggest you start looking early just to see what’s available!

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