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AASA Winter Ball

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UMass students at the Asian American Student Association's Winter Ball

Last Saturday was the Asian American Student Association’s (AASA) Winter Ball event. The Winter Ball is an annual performance and dance event held around December. It always takes place in the ballroom of the Campus Center, and it’s always a night to remember.

Every year has a different theme. For example, one year it was "Casino Night." This year the theme was "Crazy Rich Gala," a play on the popular movie Crazy Rich Asians. We bought tickets online and got there early because of the long line. If you buy them in advance they are much cheaper as well. The first thing I noticed upon arriving was the decor. The Asian American Student Association was very committed to its theme. The dance floor was also lit up, and the anticipation for the performances was strong.


But my favorite part of any cultural event is the food. I was excited to try the variety of Asian food that you can’t always get somewhere else. There were egg rolls, crab rangoons, dumplings, and more. The food was delicious, and it was great to snack while watching the unique performances. It’s amazing to see all the amazing feats these dancers can pull off. The UMass Hip Hop Cultural Organization gave a really awesome and impressive performance. Another great dance was the UMass Dhadak Fusion Dance Team, who blend Asian and Indian dance routines to create something really unique. The night reached a fever pitch when the dance floor was opened up for everyone. Dancing with my friends was definitely the highlight of the experience. I cannot wait for next year.


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