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How am I supposed to submit mid-term grades?

Mid-semester grades can help us determine general admissibility or admissibility to a particular major. If you’ve been asked to submit mid-term grades, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to submit additional academic information before making a final decision. 
We accept mid-term grades in various forms, including screenshots from your portal, screenshots from your professors, etc. We encourage you to upload all you mid-term grades in one document to your Student Status Page as the material type “Mid-term grade.” Another option is to complete the Mid-Term Grades Form with your professors and upload it to your Student Status Page, if your classes are being offered in-person. Please note, mid-semester grades for all courses in progress are required.
To create a single document from multiple grade report screenshots, select all of the files, command your computer to print them, and select Print to PDF.  This will create a single PDF file with all of your grades, which can then be uploaded to your Student Status Page.
Upload midterm grades