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Honors-to-Honors Scholarship FAQ

If you have any questions regarding this scholarship, please feel free to contact the Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Office at 413-545-0222.

Students are given one semester to improve their academic performance.  At the end of this semester the student is expected to be maintaining the minimum requirements of academic progress to continue to receive their scholarship.

It’s possible.  Changing your major can extend the time it takes to earn your degree; therefore, if the change requires you to stay beyond four consecutive fall and spring semesters (six consecutive fall and spring semesters for entering Engineering and Computer Science majors) then yes it could affect the scholarship. 

No, the scholarship is only available for fall and spring semesters, and cannot be used for any Continuing and Professional Education costs.

We encourage students to take advantage of academic opportunities that broaden their academic experience. You must be enrolled in an approved academic program to continue to receive your scholarship.

We strongly discourage students from missing a semester, however we understand that there may be extenuating circumstances when you may need to do so.  This includes students with medical issues or students that are called to active duty.  If you find yourself in this position, please contact Financial Aid Services.  Scholarship recipients who are suspended or unofficially withdraw from the University will forfeit their scholarship, and the scholarships will not be reinstated.

The standard undergraduate four-year college academic year is the fall and spring semesters. The scholarship is for four consecutive fall and spring semesters because that is the standard expectation for completion of your college coursework and degree.  Students entering as Engineering or Computer Science majors receive up to three years (six consecutive fall and spring semesters) of full-time enrollment.  We have found that to be the most efficient and effective way for students to complete their program of study.  Often, when students are away from their coursework for a semester they find it difficult to return or they struggle when they do return. Among other challenges, being away for a semester can put you out of sequence for some of your coursework, which can increase the amount of time it takes you to complete your program.

The scholarship is renewed automatically, as long as you maintain the minimum requirements of satisfactory academic progress. The minimum requirements of satisfactory academic progress can be found in the Academic Regulations available on the Registrar’s website.

No, the scholarship is only applied toward your university bill while you are enrolled as an undergraduate.

The per-semester scholarship amount of $3,000 will be posted by the Bursar’s Office to your account each semester you are enrolled. The scholarship is applied as a credit toward your university bill. Half of the scholarship is applied in the fall semester and the other half of the scholarship in the spring semester. Therefore, you will see a $3,000 credit in the fall semester bill and a $3,000 credit again in the spring bill.

The scholarship is $6,000 per year and intended for full-time enrollment.  The scholarship is based on the academic year for undergraduate day division study only, and is good for up to two years (four consecutive fall and spring semesters) of full-time enrollment.  Students entering as Engineering or Computer Science majors receive up to three years (six consecutive fall and spring semesters) of full-time enrollment.

A scholarship recipient must be an in-state (Massachusetts) resident and complete an approved MassTransfer program, or Additional Transfer Agreement, at one of the Massachusetts community colleges prior to enrollment at UMass Amherst.  At least thirty (30) of the total number of credits earned for the associate degree must be completed at a Massachusetts community college(s).  A scholarship is contingent upon the recipient enrolling in a University bachelor’s degree program in the designated scholarship semester.

This scholarship is intended for low-income or first generation students completing a community college honors program, and intending to enroll in the UMass Amherst Commonwealth Honors College.  Students who do not complete a community college honors program but who have a 3.5 or higher GPA for each semester completed (two or more semesters), who are in approved MassTransfer programs, or Additional Transfer Agreement, and who meet all other UMass Amherst transfer admissions criteria will also be considered for places in Commonwealth Honors College.   To be eligible to receive the scholarship all recipients must accept the invitation to be in the UMass Amherst Commonwealth Honors College.