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100 Male to college

Being Different, Together

We want to bring people from all walks of life together to share a common experience: being a student at UMass Amherst! To do this, we have committed ourselves to searching for the most talented and diverse students throughout the nation and beyond. This is important to us because we believe that you will learn more and better when you are pulled to the edge of your comfort zone. And that can only happen when you are living, learning, and socializing in a community of people who differ from you. 

What You Bring Matters

We all know that, in the college admissions process, grades and test scores matter at most schools. Here, we look at and beyond what you have done in the classroom. When we read your college application, our job is to discern who you are now, what you will bring to our campus when you arrive, and how you might impact the world once you leave us; after all, we are creating global citizens who will change the world.

But you have a job in this process as well: use your words to tell us about your passions, hobbies, values, beliefs, responsibilities, dreams, and thoughts. Why? Because at UMass Amherst, we value all the things that make you uniquely you.