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Campus Visits—Spring 2021

You are welcome to visit campus, provided you follow Massachusetts travel guidelines. All guests must wear a mask while on campus. This is for your safety, as well as the safety of our current students and staff. Because of COVID-19 protocols, UMass Amherst buildings are not open to visitors. 

Please complete the COVID-19 self checklist prior to visiting. 

Campus Tours

We are excited to announce that on-campus tours will resume beginning April 20. With the May 1 deposit deadline coming soon, the first round of these will be limited to first-year students who have been admitted for fall 2021. Admitted transfer students will be invited in the upcoming weeks.
Tours will be conducted in groups no larger than 15. This will allow us to give a more specialized experience, while following state and university safety protocols. Admitted students will receive an email with a link inviting them to sign up.
Campus Tours Protocol
  • All guests must wear a mask while on campus. This is for your safety, as well as the safety of our current students and staff.
  • Attendees will be expected to maintain a safe distance from other members of the tour, as well as from current students and staff. We leave it to you to determine your distance comfort level within your own family.
  • Not all buildings on campus will be accessible, but we will get you safely in and out of those that are. No one will be required to enter buildings, this will be an option for those wishing to do so. Please do not enter buildings on your own.
  • Attendees are expected to follow the directions of the tour guide at all times.

Self-Guided Tours

Because of COVID-19, visitors are not permitted to enter UMass Amherst buildings. However, there are many beautiful spots on campus that you can see from the outside. 

The green buildings self-guided walking tour is a great way to check out some of our newest architecture on campus.

Understanding Campus

umass campus dartboardCampus is organized like a dartboard. The center of that dartboard is our library, a 28-floor red brick tower that we often refer to as the North-Star of our campus. Surrounding that, we have our academic circle where the vast majority of academic buildings are located, and classes are held. Outside of the academic circle, we have our residential circle. This is where you will find all of our residential halls as well as our dining halls. Lastly, the final outer ring of campus is filled with parking lots, athletic facilities, and fields.

Campus Center

campus centerThe Campus Center is the hub of student life on campus. It is home to the UMass Daily Collegian Newspaper as well as the WMUA (the UMass ration station, 91.1 FM). It is also where some of the largest retail dining areas are. The upper floors of the campus center house Hotel UMass, a fully functioning hotel that anyone can stay at (students get a discounted rate). The 11th floor is the Marriott Center, which is a student run part of the hotel where our hospitality major students can get hands on experience!

Student Union

UMass student unionUMass has over 300 clubs and organizations that students can get involved in! We offer everything from a Ski and Board club, Greek Life, and Student Government, to a Fencing Club, Sky Diving Club, and Permaculture Gardening Club! The Student Union and Bartlett Hall are where many of our Student organizations have their offices.

Rec Center

rec centerEvery student at UMass has a membership to the Recreation Center. The Rec. Center offers a variety of group fitness classes and has cardio and weightlifting equipment, an indoor track, as well as three full length basketball courts. UMass has three levels of athletics: Varsity, Club, and Intramural. There are 19 Varsity teams (9 men’s, 10 women’s) all of which are Division I. We also offer a variety of club sports which have open tryouts at the beginning of each season. Intramural sports provide students with all the fun of a sports team without as much commitment (most have about 1 game per week).

Worcester Dining Commons

wordester dining commonsThe new Worcester Dining Commons features a ground-floor retail food café, a relocated commercial bakery and a restaurant. The facility is also home to a “Neighborhood Center” of student spaces including lounges, meeting rooms, a fitness center, a contemplative space and music practice rooms.

Fine Arts Center

FACThe Fine Arts Center (fondly referred to as “The FAC”) is home to the Art, Music, and Theater departments. It is also where the University Museum of Contemporary Arts, the 2,000-­seat Concert Hall, and the 575-­seat Rand Theater are housed. The Concert Hall is for large­ scale performances and the Rand Theater is for performances put on through the Theater department.

Isenberg Business Innovation Hub

iIsenbergThe business school at UMass first started 1947 and moved to this building in 1964. In 1997 the school was renamed to the Isenberg School of Management in 1998 in honor of Eugene M. Isenberg, a 1950 alumnus. Isenberg donated $6 million to the school saying, "I believe my own good fortune is, in substantial part, due to the quality and breadth of education I received." The section of the building pictured is the newest addition to the business school, opened for students in January 2019 as the hub for all Isenberg departments and offices.

Old Chapel

old chapelThe Old Chapel, one of the most iconic landmarks on campus, was recently reopened in 2017. Old Chapel is used as a meeting and study space for students and faculty.

South College

south collegeSouth College was completed in 1867 as one of the original three buildings on the UMass campus, serving as a male dormitory for 47 students.  The building was then used as an administrative building over the next 140 years until its recent major renovation in 2014-2017.  A four-story addition was introduced in order to house the College of Humanities and Fine Arts with a three-story, central atrium celebrating the intersection of the old and new.

WEB DuBois Library

web dubois libraryThe Library is 28 stories tall making it the largest red brick academic library in the world! The entire library system holds a collection of more than 5.8 million volumes. In addition to all of the books the library also has several computer labs and help offices. You can get help with Career Services, Study Abroad, Research/Reference Help, Technology Help, a Writing Center and free tutoring for many classes offered on campus.

Commonwealth Honors College

commonwealth honors collegeCommonwealth Honors College offers an Honors Curriculum that incorporates general education and advanced scholarship for undergraduates pursuing any of the university's majors, culminating in the completion of an Honors Thesis. Specialized academic programs, supportive advising, close connections with faculty, extensive opportunities for research, and leadership development are available to all Honors students. Commonwealth Honors College prepares students not only for professional careers and graduate studies, but for life.