Learn More About the Influence of Technology on Plagiarism

In "I Have a Question: Is It Web Research or Technology Assisted Plagiarism?" Miriam Schulman considers how evolving youth cultures of technology might account for a differing sense of plagiarism.

In a controversial piece, Rebecca Moore Howard looks at how institutions and teachers create an environment that might encourage Internet Plagiarism.

“Why Napster matters to writing: Filesharing as a new ethic of digital delivery.” Computers and Composition, Volume 23, Issue 2, 2006, Pages 178-210. This article by Dànielle Nicole De Voss and James E. Porter examines how the meaning of intellectual property is changing in the digital era. Intended for writing specialists, it is a readable (if controversial) perspective on the issue. Available through Dubois Library on JSTOR.

"The New Plagiarism: Seven Antidotes to Prevent Highway Robbery in an Electronic Age" by Jamie McKenzie is an article that appeared in From Now On: the Educational Technology Journal. McKenzie offer suggestions for avoiding the easy “cut and paste” strategy fostered by Web research.