Harry N. Seymour


Professor Emeritus
Professor, Department of Communication Disorders
Adjunct Professor, Department of Linguistics

University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003 USA


Dr. Seymour is currently an award-winning artist, who paints in a variety of media. Samples of his work can be viewed at his Art Website.

Professor Seymour's professional work is in the area of child language disorders. He has published many articles describing and identifying language disorders among African American children. Recent collaboration with Thomas Roeper and Jill de Villiers of Smith College has examined acquisition of Wh-movement in child Black English and bound variable knowledge among language disordered children. He has been co-P.I. with Roeper, Frazier and others on a Psycholinguistic Training Grant and on two training grants in the Department of Communication Disorders. He directed a 6-year NIH contract for the development of a dialect sensitive language assessment, which culminated in the publication of the Diagnostic Evaluation of Language Variation, Screening Test (DELV-ST) and DELV-Norm Referenced Edition (Seymour, Roeper & de Villiers, 2003; 2005), a standardized language assessment appropriate for all English-speaking children ages 4 through 9, including those who speak one of several dialects of English. More information about the test can be found at the website of the publisher, Harcourt Assessments, Inc. A comprehensive description of the rationale and development of the DELV tests can be found in Seminars in Speech and Language, Feb. 2004, volume 25 (1), edited by Seymour and Pearson.

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Selected Publications


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