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ASHA 2012 Pearson, B.Z., Conner, T., & Jackson, J.E. Dialect Awareness: The Foundation for Effective Education of African American English Speaking Children. Paper presented at annual meeting, Atlanta GA (Nov. 15, 2012)

ASHA 2011

IASCL 2011

ASHA 2008

Jackson, J.E. & Pearson, B. Z. Language Samples as a Gold Standard for an Innovative Language Test. (jpg of ppt) Poster presented at annual meeting, San Diego CA (Nov. 17, 2011)

Pearson, B. Z. & Jackson, J. E. Subtypes of Language Impairment: Agreement between morphosyntactic and deep-structure probes. (pdf of ppt) Poster presented at triennial meeting, Montreal Quebec, CA (July 2011)

Jackson, J.E. & Pearson, B. Z. Non-mainstream Dialect and the Identification of Risk for Impairment (pdf of ppt)

ADS 2007

Velleman, S. L., Pearson, B. Z., Bryant, T. J. & Charko, T. The Impact of Dialect on the Rate and Order of Phonological Development (ppt)

ASHA 2005
Pearson, B. Z., de Villiers, P., Magaziner, K., Perisho, N., & Sunderland, K. Validation of the DELV-NR with Concurrent Language Samples (poster-pdf)
  de Villiers, J. & Roeper, T. A New Look at the Relationships of Language and Context. (pdf)
  de Villiers, P. & de Villiers, J., Language and Theory of Mind: What Every SLP Should Know (ppt)

Johnson, V., Vargas, S., de Villiers, J., Grela, B, & de Villiers, P. Speech Act Responses in Children: A Closer Look (poster-pdf)

NIH 2005
Seymour, H., Roeper, T., de Villiers, J., de Villiers, P., & Pearson, B. Z. Final Report of the DELV Standardization- 3/1/98 to 8/29/05.  NIH Contract N01-DC8-2104, Executive Summary; Full Report (pdfs)
  Harcourt Assessments, Inc. Final Standardization, file 1, file 2, file 3 (not posted); Final Report on Reliability and Validity
  Seymour, H., Roeper, T., de Villiers, J., de Villiers, P., & Pearson, B. Z. Language Sample / DELV Concurrent Validity Study (pdf)



ASHA 2004

Roeper, T. & de Villiers, J. "Point of View in Language and Theory of Mind" (and references)


de Villiers, P. & de Villiers, J., "Assessing Pragmatics: Who, What, and How"


Morrissey, G., de Villiers, P., & de Villiers, J. "Development of Relative Clauses in African American English."


Foreman, C., Pearson, B. Z., & Ciolli, L.

"Implications of Higher Level Language: Distinguishing Dialect and Development from Disorder." (pdf)


Jackson, J. & Pearson, B. Z.

"Contrastive versus Non-contrastive Features in African American English Child Speech, Ages 4-12"





 B. Z. Pearson, S. Velleman, T. J. Bryant, L. Abdulkarim, & H. N. Seymour,

Development of contrastive and non-contrastive phonological features in African-American English learning children, ages 4 to 12.

LSA 2004

Pearson, B. Z. & Roeper, T. "The Role of Optional versus Obligatory Triggers for the Passive in Acquisition and Impairment"


ASHA 2003

Seymour, H., Roeper, T., de Villiers, J., & de Villiers, P. 
"Preventing Over-representation of Culturally/ Linguistically Diverse Students."

Seymour, H., Roeper, T., de Villiers, J., & Pearson, B. Z. 
"Raising the Standards"

De Villiers, J. & Roeper, T. "Twenty Questions"

de Villiers, P. and Burns, F., "Assessing Narrative Skills in Children"

Other Documents

Color flyer for the DELV from The Psychological Corporation

NYSLHA March 2003 Handout


ASHA 2002

Roeper and Pearson, "The SYNTAX Section of the DELV: Theory and Examples"

Seymour, de Villiers, Roeper, and de Villiers, 
"Treating Child Language Disorders: Lessons from African American English"

de Villiers, de Villiers, Pearson, and Burns, "Assessing Pragmatics and Syntax between Age 4 and 9 -- Elicited Production"

NIH Report

Introduction to AAE Child-Language Developmental Milestones Report, April 2002


ASHA 2001

Seymour, de Villiers, Roeper, and de Villiers, "Language Profiles from the Dialect Sensitive Language Test (DSLT)"

Seymour, de Villiers, Roeper, and de Villiers, "Assessing What Every 5-year-old Should Know"

Roeper and De Villiers, "What Every 3-year-old Should Know"


ASHA 2000

Roeper, Ramos, Abdul-karim, Seymour, "Missing Agreement: Where Is It Dialect and Where Deficit?"

Roeper, "Clues to Systematic Failure: Ideal Screener Goals" (notes on tense and aspect in AAE).


ASHA 1999

De Villiers, Roeper, and De Villiers, "What Every 5-year-old Should Know: Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics" (Note: What EVERY child should know, not EVERYTHING a 5-year-old should know.)


ASHA 2000

Burns, Paulk, Seymour, & Pearson, "Copula/Auxiliary Comparisons in African-American and Impaired Standard American English"

de Villiers, de Villiers, Burns, Pearson, & Seymour, "Elicited Production of Critical Pragmatic Functions at Age 5"

de Villiers, Schafer, Pearson, & Seymour "Control of Article Use in SAE and AAE-speaking Children"

Ramos, "Comprehension of Definite and Indefinite Articles in Children with SLI"

Ramos, "Comprehension of Possessive and Container Phrases in children with SLI"


DSLT DATA Request Form

This document contains a brief characterization of the kinds of data available from the 14 subtests of the DSLT that were given to 1400 children. To obtain permission to use the DSLT data set for a specific research project, please download this form and send it filled out to the Project Manager. The DELV authors must be consulted before anyone starts a project with these data, and all researchers must sign a statement acknowledging that they know that TPC *OWNS* the data and they can be published only with their express permission. (There is a procedure for it--that we've gone through several times already.)


Seminars in Speech Feb 2004

TOC, Chap 1Intro, research base, chap 3 format, chap 4 screener, syntax, pragmatics, semantics, phonology, case studies, conclusion

For Janice

file 1 (19MB); file 2 (756 KB); file 3 (3 MB); file 4 (5.5 MB)

For Margaret

Quantifier Quotient ppt/ pptx


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