Sinological Profiles

Free use has been made, in compiling these Sinological profiles, of standard print and on-line resources for the history of Sinology, to which we here render a blanket acknowledgement, and express our comprehensive thanks. Specific sources are credited on individual pages. The result is offered in good faith: differences among sources have been resolved according to best judgement. Evaluations are personal. Subjects have not been systematically chosen, but have chosen themselves through personal contact of through reading. The Profiles are not meant as models for future Sinologists, but as representatives of a Sinological past of which present Sinological practitioners might wish to be aware. Sufficient unto the era are the difficulties thereof.

We are grateful to those who have contributed information for the above profiles. We will be glad to receive corrections, or additional information, or personal reminiscences. We would like working Sinologists to regard these pages as a repository, where facts or recollections in their possession can find a place in the collective memory of our science.

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