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Senior Research Fellow Sergey Zinin has constructed CTexts, a site housed on the UMass server, which provides access to Chinese texts along with English translations. It includes the Dzwo Jwan, but also gives separate access to the older Chun/Chyou chronicle, a major focus of current Project research. The other two Chun/Chyou commentaries, the Gungyang and Gulyang, are included, along with the heavy classics (Shr, Shu, Yi), the Jou Li (or Jou Gwan) and the older Yi Li among the ritual texts, and the Syau Jing. Soon to be added is an up-to-date Analects texts, reflecting recent critical scholarship, and a similarly revised Dau/Dv Jing. There is also a concordance to the Gwodyen texts. The link is given below. Please note that for security reasons a login procedure is necessary. The required username and password are given in the login box:

CTexts Resource

Comments on this work in progress are welcome, and may be addressed to the proprietor.

We add, with regret, a note on the online Dzwo Jwan concordance in the compilation of which the Project, over several years, assisted the Colegio de México team of John Page and Isabel Garcia Hidalgo, with funding provided by the Consuejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia. That DJ text was linked to a completed version of the Fraser/Lockhart index (permitting the distinguishing of several words written with the same character) and also to the Legge translation. The result went briefly online, but has since vanished, without explanation, taking with it years of work by all concerned. Those with current news of it are invited to contact the Project.

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