Snodgrass: Parables

Snodgrass: Stories With Intent (2008)

This index to the Parables as discussed in Klyne Snodgrass's Stories With Intent (2008) ignores the analytical categories in terms of which the list on Snodgrass p576-577 was orderered. It follows Markan order where available, Matthean order by default, and Lukan order as a final recourse. It is hoped in this way to make the Parable material, and Snodgrass's extensive and helpful discussion of it, more easily available to Synoptic researchers.

The final number in each entry is the page on which the Snodgrass discussion begins; there is essentially no discussion of the narratively undeveloped parables whose page references are here enclosed in [brackets].

Synoptic Location of the Parables

Typological Ordering of the Parables

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