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Studies in Early Christianity

Galilee in Modern Times

The first Christian century, beginning with the preaching of John the Baptist and ending with the death of Ignatius of Antioch, witnessed a remarkable new phenomenon, in which the universal tendencies within Judaism worked themselves free to become a world religion. The monographs in this series focus on several highlights within this development. These include the Historical Jesus, as he was reported by his earliest chronicler, John Mark of Jerusalem, and then as he was transformed by the later Gospel writers. The strong influence of Paul, and the chaotic period that followed his death, make up another volume. The final tempest of individual suffering that resulted from the expulsion of Christians from synagogue fellowship is taken up in the final volume. These studies approach their subjects with philological care, free of doctrinal commitment. Together, they are the first historically coherent account of early Christianity.

One very famous philological problem is the question of the order and relationships of the Synoptic Gospels. These volumes together take up different aspects of that problem. For discussions of some details which for reasons of space cannot be included in the books in this series, see the articles in the Project's journal Alpha.

Release dates are tentative. Volumes presently planned, in chronological order by subject, are the following:

Studies in Early Christianity

Detailed descriptions, and some sample readings, are available at the above pages. An order link is provided for books whose publication has been formally announced.

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