The New Chinese Classics
To Classical Chinese Texts
E Bruce Brooks and A Taeko Brooks

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This survey of the literature of pre-Imperial and early Imperial China briefly summarizes the Project's findings in a systematic and easily accessible way, as a guide to further research. It recognizes the importance of the growth text in this literature (the typical Warring States text is a school compilation, and the typical school compilation is accretional). Besides the canonical Confucian texts, and the familiar Dauist, Mician, and Legalist monuments, the Prolegomena includes less known, recently discovered, lost, and altogether imaginary texts, to give a more adequate sense of the the classical and early Imperial period, and of the imaginations of the people who lived and wrote in those times.

Some of the following samples from the Prolegomena include only the first page of a longer entry. Comment and criticism from viewers is invited; use the mail link at the bottom of this page.

Front Matter
Agrarian Texts (plus Analects, Apocrypha)
Bamboo Annals
Bwo-hu Tung
Byau Ji
Chidyau Kai
Chin Inscriptions
Chu Tsz
Chywn-shu Jr-yau
Da Dai Li Ji
Da Sywe
Dau/Dv Jing
Dzou Yen
Dzvng Shvm
Dzwo Jwan
Fa Yen (plus Fa Yw, Fang Ji))
Forgery (plus Fouchyou Bwo, Four Books, Genzai Sho Mokuroku)
Gungyang Jwan
Gwo Yw
Han Feidz
Han Stone Classics
Hou Ji
Jade Inscription (Jan-gwo Tsv)
Ju Syi
Jung Yung
Li Ji (Li Kv)
Lu Mu-gung
Lw-shr Chun/Chyou
Mu Tyendz Jwan
Patronage Texts
Queen of the West
Schools of Thought
Shang-jywn Shu
Shr-chyw Gv
Shr Ji
Swei Library Catalog
Szma Tan
Tyen Wvn
Yang Ju
Ywe Ling
Text Types
Chronological Overview
Romanization Table
General Bibliography (Supplementary Index)

This is the professional reference volume for the New Chinese Classics series. For the comprehensive project of which it is a part, see the 1994 monograph on the prospects for philological treatment of the early Chinese texts. It is an essential resource for the literary and political historian, or the specialist in another field who wishes to cite the early Chinese source texts. Only on the rigorous basis here provided can an an accurate history of early China be written. And only when such a history is written can China finally take its place for the comparative historian among the other major ancient civilizations, a company from which China has too long been excluded.

E BRUCE BROOKS is Research Professor of Chinese and A TAEKO BROOKS is Research Associate at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Prolegomena to Classical Chinese Texts

Approximately 352 pages.
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Tentative Release Date: February 2014

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