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Volume 1 (2010)

After long discussion, going back to the Warring States Working Group conferences of the Nineties, the Project's journal finally appeared, with a cover date of 2010, but more precisely in 2012. By then, the scope of Project researches had expanded beyond classical China, and into other ancient traditions: Indian, Biblical, and eventually Homeric, all of which are fruitful for the understanding of any one. Methodologically notable is the distinction between philology ("Texts") and history ("Historical Studies").

The increasing flow of non-Sinological results required the creation of a second journal, and Warring States Papers thus acquired a younger sister: Alpha. The two of them now go forward side by side, but also hand in hand, since a series of basic methodological articles will appear identically in both.

Volume 1 includes a set of papers from a panel at the 1995 New England regional meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, at which the work of the Project and its implications for Sinology were first formally introduced to the scholarly world. Highlights of Volume 1 include contributions on Spring and Autumn, the Gwodyen Dau/Dv Jing, the Mwodz, the Mencius, and the historiography of the Dzwo Jwan.

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Papers from an AAS/New England Panel, 28 Oct 1995

Re-Dating the Sources (A Taeko Brooks) 9-14
The Origins of Literary Form (Dennis Grafflin) 15-19
Law in the Original Analects (Karen Turner) 20-24

Language, Ambience, and Methodology

Distancing Jí in the Chun/Chyou (A Taeko Brooks) 27-39
The Lu Lore Tradition (A Taeko Brooks) 40-42
Shr 195 and Shu 32 (E Bruce Brooks) 43-45
What Did Zeng Zi "Guard Over" in MC 2A2? (Scott Cook) 46-51
Interrogative Yen and An in Jwangdz (E Bruce Brooks) 52-54
A Note on Chun/Chyou Shr-yw Item 5 (Eric Henry) 55-58
Probability and the Gwodyen Dau/Dv Jing (E Bruce Brooks) 59-61
Adverbial Pothen in Mark 12:37 (E Bruce Brooks)
The Reader in the Text (E Bruce Brooks) 64-68


The Historical Value of the Chun/Chyou (A Taeko Brooks) 71-74
The Hermeneutics of Emmentaler (Paul R Goldin) 75-78
Template Songs of Chvn (E Bruce Brooks) 79-83
A New Interpretation of the Jin Tvng (David S Nivison) 84-92
Sources For the Analects 8 Layers (Robert Eno) 93-99
The Mician Ethical Chapters (A Taeko Brooks) 100-118
The Fragment Theory of MZ 14, 17, and 20 (A Taeko Brooks) 119-121
Is MZ 17 a Fragment of MZ 26? (Chris Fraser) 122-125
Mwodz 17-19 "Against War" (A Taeko Brooks) 126-128
Mwodz 14-16 "Universal Love" (A Taeko Brooks) 129-131
Doctrinal Developments in MZ 14-16 (Chris Fraser)
Thematic Relationships in MZ 8-10 and 11-13 (Chris Fraser) 137-142
The Formation of the Dau/Dv Jing (E Bruce Brooks) 143-147
The Interviews of Mencius (E Bruce Brooks) 148-152
Theoretical Terms in the Mencius (Stephen C Angle) 153-157
Tensions Between Mencius 3 and 7 (Manyul Im) 158-159
Inhuman Nature in Mencius (Dan Robins) 160-163
Dual Authorship in Shr Ji 63 (E Bruce Brooks) 164-167
The Han Dzvngdz (E Bruce Brooks) 168-170
Gospel Trajectories (E Bruce Brooks) 171-172
Judas Armed and Dangerous (Keith L Yoder) 173-176

Historical Studies

Climate Cycles in Spring and Autumn (E Bruce Brooks) 179-180
From Point State to Area State (E Bruce Brooks) 181-182
Military Capacity in Spring and Autumn (A Taeko Brooks) 183-188
Defeat in the Chun/Chyou (A Taeko Brooks and E Bruce Brooks) 189-198
Numbers and Losses at Chvng-pu (E Bruce Brooks) 199-200
The Syi-gung Transition (A Taeko Brooks) 201-203
The League of the North (A Taeko Brooks) 204-213
Enfiefment Renewal in Lu (A Taeko Brooks) 214-215
The History and Historiography of Jyw (A Taeko Brooks) 216-219
Evolution of the Ba "Hegemon" Theory (A Taeko Brooks) 220-226
Evidence for a Usurpation in Sung (Eric Henry) 227-230
Huangdi in Pre-Han Bronze Inscriptions (Gilbert L Mattos) 231-233
Lord Shang (E Bruce Brooks) 234-237
Political Geography of the Shr (E Bruce Brooks) 238-241
Sun Wu (E Bruce Brooks) 242-244
Peace in Multi-State Systems (E Bruce Brooks and John V Lombardi) 245-248


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