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Volume 1 (2017)

Alpha was founded as the Project's Biblical Studies journal, to accommodate researches for which there was insufficient room in its older sister journal, Warring States Papers. The first volume of Alpha took too narrow a view of its own scope, which later exapnded to include the Hebrew Bible and the Homeric Corpus.

This first volume takes up the principal Gospels and other early sources for the teachings of Jesus. It notes evidence for stratification in Mark, as a first step in identifying the earliest and thus most authoritative layer of that text. It finds no need to posit a common source ("Q") for Matthew and Luke, and instead argues for mutual contact between them. Mandaean and Gospel echoes of John the Baptist are compared, the work of William O Walker Jr on interpolations in Paul is continued, and a foundation is laid for the introduction of a new stylistic difference test in Alpha v2.

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Language, Ambience, and Methodology

Adjectival Phaulos in James 3:16 (Keith L Yoder)
Antiochus' Persecution in Josephus' War (Chris Seeman)
Four Gospel Trajectories
Evidence for Interpolation in Paul (William O Walker Jr)
Departure From Expectation
The Reader in the Text
Arguments From Silence

Early Witnesses

The Mandaean Death of John (Charles G Häberl)
The Death of John in Mark
The Two Ways
The Didache
The Epistle of Jacob
Adverbial Pothen in Mark
Time Depth in Mark
The Resurrection of Jesus in Mark
Mark's Parables of the Kingdom
Josephus and Mark (Brad McAdon)
Mark at Perga

Jerusalem and Paul
Insidious Agreement
Paul's Letters to Philippi

The Post-Apostolic Transition

Paul's Editors
The Companions of Paul in Acts (Glenn S Holland)
Matthew's Parable of the Two Sons (Robert H Gundry)
The Urban Food Supply and the Lord's Prayer (Randall C Webber)
Luke's Parable of the Canny Steward
Luke's Sermon on the Way
Questions About Luke A/B/C (Paul Foster)
Objections to Luke A/B/C (Joseph Verheyden)

Later Texts and Tendencies

Judas Armed and Dangerous (Keith L Yoder)
Gematria and John 21 (Keith L Yoder)
Apostolic Alignments
Thomas A
Yohanan ben Zakkai
Pliny at Pontus

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Working Chronology 2017
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