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The Project's emphasis on standard philological and historical methodology makes it distinctive in all three of its fields of endeavor, where that methodology has not been systematically applied. The publication program makes the Project's research results readily available to specialists, teachers, students, and the reading public. There are three book series, and two associated journals. For a previous publication to which

Ancient China

The witnesses for China's classical period are about three dozen texts. Traditional understanding of the period mythologizes Confucius, overweights the Confucian against the statecraft and military texts, treats the meditation texts as comic relief, and ignores the sub-elite Micians, whose approach is more relevant to modern issues than any of the others. The Project seeks a better balanced and methodologically responsible view of the period.

Ancient China in Context

This series covering, several of the major texts, supplements and completes The Original Analects (Columbia 1998), a translation and commentary on the Analects of Confucius. The following list is in chronological order of the texts included; the survey volume, The Emergence of China, is listed last.

Spring and Autumn: The Chinese World Before Confucius
Rhymes and Reasons: The Chinese Classic of Poetry
A Usable Past: The Chinese Classic of Documents
Before the Yi: The First Chinese Divination Manual
Arts of War: The Classical Chinese Military Tradition (expected 2017)
Quiet Ways: The Mystical Statecraft of Laudz (expected 2017)
Waging Peace: The Mician Program for Ancient China
Mencius: China's Second Sage
The Emergence of China: From Confucius to the Empire (published 2015)

Warring States Papers

In this (approximately) annual journal, appear the preliminary studies for the above, and for texts not separately treated in that series.

Warring States Papers v1 (cover date 2010, published 2012)
Warring States Papers v2 (cover date 2011, expected 2017)

Early Christianity

The witnesses for Early Christianity are about three dozen canonical and noncanonical texts, many of which are incorrectly dated or otherwise misunderstood. A complication is that the theology of the modern churches is largely Pauline in its theology, which exerts a restraining influence on all research tending to develop the pre-Pauline life of the Jesus movement,

The First Christian Century

The emergence of Christianity from Judaism is one of the great events in Western history, which is rarely taught in a historical context. These publications attempt to fill the gap. As with Ancient in China in Context, this series covers the principal early texts, beginning with a reconstruction of the Gospel of Mark (whose core narrative is the earliest surviving account of Jesus). It includes a survey volume, Hymn and Homily.

Jesus and After: The Gospels of Mark
God's Apostle: Paul and His Circle
Luke the Healer: The Gospel of Poverty
Kingdom of Heaven: The Vision of Matthew
In Me: Mystical Union in the Gospel of John
Hymn and Homily: Voices from the Early Churches (expected 2017)


In this annual journal appear the research results which underlie the above volumes, and also treat of texts not individually covered in that series.

Alpha v1 (cover date 2013, expected early 2017)
Alpha v2 (cover date 2014, expected late 2017)


The Project's interest in the methodology appropriate to the text-based sciences has its own series. Its research results are included in the journal Alpha, listed above.

Studies in Philology

One volume on each of the Homeric poems, here approached analytically and with the advantage of a new method of stylistic analysis. The final volume, Difference, is a summary of methodology in all the text-based sciences, including early China and early Christianity, with a certain emphasis on Homer.

Next to Last Iliad: Homer's Achilles
Penelope in Waiting: Her Odyssey
Difference: Working With Ancient Texts (expected 2019)

For publications outside the Project's own publishing program, see the Other page.

All Project publications have the same Editors, plus overlapping Advisors for Sinological and New Testament publications. They bring an interdisciplinary perspective to bear on problems which have been treated more narrowly in the past. In all its publications, the Project wishes to affirm, and to carry out in practice, its perception that basic methodology is uniform across all the humanistic sciences, and that our three chosen fields stand to benefit by being approached in terms of that standard methodology.

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