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The Project's publication program makes its research results readily available to specialists, teachers, students, and the general reading public. The program comprises two book series and a journal on the Sinological side; one book series and a journal on the New Testament side; and some contributions to methodology as such, as a fourth book series. In all our publications, we aim to let the texts speak for themselves, free of national or doctrinal commitments, to tell their own story of how they, and the traditions which they represent, came to be.

Distribution of Project publications worldwide is through the University Press of New England, to which all orders placed from these pages are automatically referred. Not all projected books are shown here. An order or preorder link is given for books currently available or in final production; other dates are our best current estimate.

Ancient China

China's classical period is represented by about three dozen texts, many of which are incorrectly dated or otherwise misunderstood. Modern research has clarified many of these puzzles, and permitted the development of ideas and institutions to be more clearly seen than ever before. The teachings of Confucius and other major thinkers were formative for early China, and are still cogent for modern China. These publications seek to bring this important part of the world heritage to the attention of a truly world readership.

Ancient China in Context

This series includes an overview and orientation volume, The Emergence of China, plus single volumes giving a more detailed look at the period as seen from the vantage point of one of its major schools of thought. These books are listed here in intended order of publication.
The Emergence of China: From Confucius to the Empire
Arts of War: The Classical Chinese Military Tradition
Quiet Ways: The Mystical Statecraft of Laudz
Mencius: China's Second Sage
Waging Peace: The Mician Program for Ancient China
Confucius: Man, Myth, and Movement

The New Chinese Classics

Classical China itself regarded these supposedly archaic texts as authoritative for the culture. This series gives a closer look at the most important of them (the Shr, Shu, Yi, and Chun/Chyou or Spring and Autumn), plus the first of the Imperial histories, the Shr Ji, which has come to have the status of a classic itself. These books are studies rather than complete translations, and are thus different in character from the books in the series Ancient China in Context. Most of the books in this series will appear after the Ancient China in Context series is substantially complete, and only the first title, Spring and Autumn, is thus included here.

Spring and Autumn: The Chinese World Before Confucius

Warring States Papers

In this annual journal, specialists and other interested persons may follow the ongoing research by which the conclusions behind the above books are reached and further developed. Recommended especially for advanced students and for all research libraries.

Warring States Papers v1 (cover date 2010)
Warring States Papers v2 (cover date 2011)

Early Christianity

The Project's researches on Early Christianity mark a fresh approach to long-discussed problems connected with the history of Christian beginnings, and the texts which are its chief witnesses.

The First Christian Century

Slowly and by stages, Christianity emerged out of Judaism, as a separate religion. Its early forms were soon lost beneath later texts and later doctrines, but they are not beyond recovery. Books in this series show that evolution actually happening, either by highlighting the neglected texts that speak to the earliest stages, or by showing how the different layers of the Gospel texts, now stacked on top of each other like so many strata of ancient Troy, reveal the stages in that growth process. The beginning of the century was a time when the chief doctrinal differences which now divide Christians and Jews had not yet arisen' when Christians and Jews were still worshipping at the same synagogues. Many modern Christians may be surprised to learn that their direct, nontheological type of Christianity is actually very close to the beliefs and practices of the earliest Jesus communities.

Jesus and After: The Gospels of Mark
Guiding the Churches: The World of the First Christians
Zeal for the Promise: The Apostle Paul
Luke the Healer: Looking Forward
Kingdom of Heaven: The Vision of Matthew


In this annual journal, specialists and other interested persons — Christians in the pews as well as in the pulpits — may follow the ongoing research by which the conclusions behind the above books are reached and further developed. Those interested in this topic are also invited to visit the Alpha Christianity section of this web site.

Alpha v1 (cover date 2013)
Alpha v2 (cover date 2014)


As It Really Was

At the heart of text research in all languages is a common basic toolkit. These books provide additions to the toolkit (the precise measurement of stylistic differences, the consideration of performance factors) or collect examples of the application of those and more traditional tools in the Homeric field.

Penelope in Waiting: The Next to Last Odyssey
Homer's Iliad: The Second Wrath of Achilleus
Differences: Stylometrics in Five Languages
Valediction: Studies in Philology and History

For publications outside the Project's own publishing program, see the Other page.

All Project publications, including its two journals, have the same Editors, plus overlapping Advisors for its Sinological, New Testament, and other publications. Together, these bring an interdisciplinary perspective to bear on what are too often considered to be merely local problems. In this as in everything else, the Project wishes to affirm, and to carry out, its perception that basic methodology is uniform across all the humanistic sciences.

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