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The Project's researches have reached the point where results on the classical Chinese texts begin to cohere into a consistent system, permitting much of the source material to be arranged in chronological order, and thus to be read historically rather than impressionistically - to let the period speak for itself in its own voice. As comments on our 1998 Analects book already noted, this way of reading produces a revolution in how classical China will be understood in years to come, by scholars and by the general public. Here and in the New Testament field, where the Project also has a presence, research continues on a number of points, but something of a consistent result seems to have been achieved, and the main emphasis has now shifted into making this consistent system more widely available. We here provide easy access to information about past and pending publications.

Previous (to 1999)

Current and Forthcoming (from 2000)

All Project publications, including its two journals, have the same Editors, plus overlapping Advisors for its Sinological and New Testament publications. Together, these bring an interdisciplinary perspective to bear on what are too often considered to be merely local problems. In this as in everything else, the Project wishes to affirm, and to implement, its perception that basic methodology is uniform across all the humanistic sciences.

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