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The Warring States Project is a department in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
It conducts research into two decisive periods of world history: the Chinese classical period, when Chinese thought and the Chines state received their definitive form, and the first Christian century, when universalistic tendencies in Judaism broke free to become a major world religion.

These publications make the results of the Project's researches available to teachers, students, and the general reading public.
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Classical China

Ancient China in Context

The formative age for Chinese philosophy, and for the Chinese state, was the 05th through 03rd centuries, known in China as the Warring States period. These books include an overview, The Emergence of China, and five volumes which take a closer look at the period from a particular philosophical perspective: Confucian (Confucius and Mencius), Dauist (Quiet Ways, a translation of the Dau/Dv Jing and a look at the world around it), the classical military writings (Arts of War, including the classic texts Sundz and Wu Chi), and, in Waging Peace, the less known Micians and their program for an alternative, unwarlike China, with its ongoing relevance for our present warring world.


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The New Chinese Classics

Classical China itself regarded several supposedly archaic texts as authoritative for the culture. This series gives a closer look at the most important of them (the Shr, Shu, Yi, and Chun/Chyou or Spring and Autumn), plus the first of the Imperial histories, the Shr Ji, which has come to have the status of a classic itself. These books are studies rather than complete translations, and are thus different in character from the books in the Ancient China in Context seriest. They will begin to appear when the Ancient China in Context series is substantially complerte, and are not listed here at the present time..


Warring States Papers

This annual journal makes selected results of the Project's leading-edge Chinese researches available to students and teachers, as well as those who are themselves engaged on the research frontier. Included are (1) studies in the methods of analyzing and dating texts in any tradition, including classical Greece and Early Christianity, (2) studies in the classical Chinese texts, and (3) historical studies, including persons, dates, and different approaches to the writing of history itself.





Early Christianity

The First Christian Century

These books focus on Christianity before Paul, as well as on Paul himself and on the post-Apostolic period, when the deaths of the Apostles Peter and Paul produced a crisis for Christianity, requiring new organization for the local house churches and the hardening of divergent Christian beliefs into a uniform doctrine. One striking result of these researches is the discovery that the issues which most sharply divide Jews and Christians, down to the present day, are not original to Christianity, but rather represent doctrinal innovations occurring only gradually, as the years passed and the young Christian sect responded to challenges from the world around it.


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This annual journal makes selected results of the Project's early Christian researches available to students and teachers, and to those who are themselves engaged on the research frontier. These are the detailed studies on which the more general volumes in the Firsrt Christian Century series rely. The period covered is from the crucifixion of Jesus in 30 to the persecution of Christians by Pliny the Younger in the year 110.


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All Project publications, including its two journals, have the same Editors, plus overlapping Advisors for its Sinological and New Testament publications. Together, these bring an interdisciplinary perspective to bear on what are too often considered to be merely local problems. In this as in everything else, the Project wishes to affirm, and to carry out, its perception that basic methodology is uniform across all the humanistic sciences.

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