Book Series
Excursions in Poetry

The Project's studies of texts in various languages have led to investigations in areas where the texts are poetic, and where special questions of interpretation thus arise. Those areas are: the Homeric corpus, the Psalms, and Chinese and Japanese poetry, these last reaching beyond the classical and into the mediaeval period.

Discussion in these books emphasizes poetic value as well as historical interest. Notes include information on performance and audience, as well literary and social changes during the long formation process of the Homeric poems, the longer evolution of the Psalms repertoire, and the still longer development of Chinese poetry from the beginning to the Mongol period. The series ends with an echo of the mediaeval Chinese poetic tradition in Nara Japan.

Some of these books are well advanced, but there is no fixed publication schedule. They will be released as gaps may develop in the rest of the publication program.

Homer and Others: A Tale of Two Traditions
The Psalms: In Their Own Time
Three Hundred: The Chinese Classic of Poetry
Chinese Poems in Context: Glimpses of a Virtuoso Tradition
Yakamochi: A Life in Poetry

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