Book Series
Studies in Early Christianity

TheSea of Galilee

These volumes together provide a survey of the best evidence for the rise of Christianity, from its deep background in Hebrew Scriptures to the time of Jesus as a member of the Baptist movement, through his independent preaching in Galilee and his death in Jerusalem, to the doctrinal and institutional transformations of the following years. The new theology of Paul, and the increasing friction between the Jesus sect and its Jewish parent, are included, down to the persecutions under the Roman administrator Pliny, in the early second century.

The emergence and gradual separation of Christianity realized an ethical tendency latent, but never dominant, in Judaism. For that matter, the earliest form of Christianity did not remain dominant in mainline Christianity either. But it persisted, and remains in being at the present time, as an element in the modern religion. This earliest form of Christian belief and practice we call Alpha Christianity. Here is what that first Christianity was like, and how we know.

Here are the projected titles, in chronological orderr by subject, with the overview volume at the end.

The Gospels of Mark: Rethinking Jesus
Zeal for the Law: The Letters and Life of Paul
Luke the Healer: A Gospel of Poverty
Defining Christianity: The Acts of Two Apostles
The Kingdom of Heaven: Matthew's Transformation of Jesus
Not of This World: John Among the Gospels
Jesus and After: The First Eighty Years (2017)

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