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Building on a long history of previous research and publication (for which see the Publications index page), the Project's new results, in both its fields of major concern, are being disseminated in two ways. On the Sinological side, besides contributing articles to other journals, the Project has its own Journal. Its little sister Alpha performs a like service for the New Testament branch. The remainder of the program is books, which in part draw on and cumulate the research represented by the journals. This page is about the books.

The books form two series, with the Sinological series further divided. We find that many of the source texts, both Christian and Chinese, are accumulations rather than integral compositions: the result of a formation process rather than of a single authorial impulse. Like authority texts in any culture, from Polynesian ancestral chants to the Constitution of the United States, they maintain their authority status by keeping current with changing needs and perceptions. Only if understood in this dynamic sense can their value as evidence for history be properly assessed and utilized. This approach to texts is more or less standard in many humanistic fields, but it tends to meet resistance precisely in the two fields with which we are concerned: classical China and early Christianity. As a result, the Project's conclusions about these texts and the history they imply constitute a breakthrough in both fields.

More specifically,we offer the following to professional and general readers:


These books make up two series: (1) the New Chinese Classics, which are extended studies of some of the texts usually considered to represent the ancient heritage of China; and (2) the Ancient China in Context series, which deals with the following Age of the Philosophers. A survey volume (The Emergence of China) is developed by several closely related books, each based on a single text or school of thought, and exploring the late classical period from that point of view. The satellite volumes provide Chinese text for all translated selections, which gives them a second usefulness in language programs. Texts included represent the Dauists, the Confucians, the military theorists, and the antiwar Micians. For student and all other readers, they give an in-depth exposure to the classical world as seen from that point of view, more consistently than was possible in Emergence, where many threads of intellectual and political history are considered simultaneously.

New Testament

These books present the history of early Christianity from the viewpoint of what we call Alpha Christianity, the pre-Pauline form of doctrine and practice which seems to have been derived from Jesus' teachings during his life, and was not based on later theories interpreting Jesus' death. The light shed by the contrast between Alpha and Beta or Pauline Christianity reveals much about the development of Christianity that was confused before. One striking result of these researches is that the doctrinal issues which principally divide Jews and Christians, and have done so since the late first century, are not original to Christianity, but represent later theological developments. The volumes planned for this series are meant to deal with the major moments and interludes in that history, from the lifetime of Jesus, to the disruptive influence of Paul, to the attempted peacemaking of Luke.

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