Original Analects Supplement

To our regret and embarrassment, technical flaws in the production of The Original Analects led to errors in the included illustrations. It was not feasible to correct those errors in the 2001 PB edition, and in justice to the objects portrayed, and to our readers, we feel obligated to address them here. In doing so, we repeat our thanks, and extend our apologies, to Jenny F So, then of the Freer and Sackler Galleries at the Smithsonian Institution, who consulted with us at length about the illustrations for TOA.

68. This is how the photo appeared in Lawton's 1982 Freer publication, but that photo itself is upside down. The linchpin would evidently have been first inserted and then pushed home by the chariot driver or assistant, and that pushing would be most efficient if the linchpin were inserted from the top down, rather than (as in the Lawton volume) with its point uppermost. Once thus secured, a cord was presumably passed through the holes at both ends of the linchpin, and around the axle cap, to hold the pin in place against the vibrations of the vehicle in motion. Readers should imagine the photo as rotated 180º, so that the end of the cap points toward the left.

This Supplement is Copyright © 2001- by E Bruce and A Taeko Brooks

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