Original Analects Supplement
LY 15

Passages: *30

Prefatory Note. This is the second of the two "double" chapters, each of which is about twice as long as the standard Analects chapter. Both of them appear to reflect an extra burst of activity in the Lu school at the close of the 04th century. That activity was defensive rather than productive; the large movement of history, which was toward a greater militarization of the state, was against them.

*15:30 (p142). The sense is more exactly "To make a mistake and not correct it; this is what one calls really making a mistake." For "really," see our note to 9:29. The simple equivalent "change" for gai does not sufficiently suggest what is called for. A general change of personality is not required, but the specific error has to be fixed; thus "change it" or more idiomatically "correct it." The object "it" that is only implied here is overtly present in such chronologically close parallels as 1:8 (0294) "don't hesitate to correct it," with the "it" indicated by the contracted negative vut ("don't" + "it") in place of standard wu "don't." To its credit, the Dingjou text has fut "not . . . it" for the received text's bu in *15:30, thus making the pronoun object overt in this passage also. Whatever may have been the original form of the passage, this version is pedagogically clearer. [15:38].


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