Original Analects Supplement
LY 11

Passages: 10 15

Prefatory Note. This is where the reorganization of the school by the Kung family seems to reach its first peak. The disciple pantheon in 11:3 is shocking in its revisionism if compared with those same disciples as they appear in the early chapters LY 4-5. It also formed the basis for the later Disciple Register document (see Appendix 4), and represented a stage in the development of many of the later disciple myths. Disciple myths were also being developed outside the Analects school or the Kung family. We note some of them below.

11:10. The cross-reference to the Legge translation should read [11:9].

11:15. We misread the musical instrument here. It is not the seven-string chin, the scholar's cithern of later centuries (which also existed in this century; see our note to 9:7), but the larger sv or psaltery, an instrument which in this period typically had twenty-five strings. Both instruments belong to the same general type, and had the same playing method. Illustrations of early Warring States examples, and an analysis of their social and musical aspects, can be found in the recent publication So Music.


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