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Eric Henry
"Junzi Ywe Versus "Zhongni Yue" in Zuozhuan, HJAS v59 #1 (June 1999) 148f

The passage quoted below is from the end of the article's exposition. It may suggest the utility, for the close study of other Warring States texts, of more closely defining such concepts as the "middle chapters" of the Analects:

"As for Kongzi, I would guess that the views attributed to him [in the Zuozhuan] reflect the opinions and concerns of the person or persons who compiled the work not long before 300 BC. I would guess that this person or team was closely associated with the group responsible for the accretion and transmission of the Analects, as the views and style of utterance in the Zuozhuan "Zhongni yue" ("Kongzi yue") passages conform very well to patterns that occur in the middle chapters of that text.69

[n69] See E Bruce and A Taeko Brooks, The Original Analects (New York: Columbia University Press, 1998) for an enterprising, learned, detailed, and tenaciously argued presentation of an accretive model for the development of the Analects. Many scholars in the past two centuries have suggested that the text is chronologically layered, but none have developed the case as energetically, or made so many specific points available for future debate, as this pair of scholars."

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