Review by
Linda L Lam-Easton
Religious Studies Review v26 #1 (January 2000), 118-119

This brief review may be quoted here entire:

"Columbia University Press is renowned for its publication of excellent translations of the Chinese classics, and this volume is no exception. For the first time the Analects is divided into the sections attributed to Confucius and those ascribed to his followers. The text that we often treat as a singular work actually evolved over a period of approximately two hundred and thirty years. This new chronological sequence of sayings will have a deep impact on Confucius scholars, because the rich historical,cultural, and political contexts presented invite new research and scholarship. Only one chapter of the Analects is presented as original; the remaining nineteen are seen as later additions to the corpus. This arrangement begins to explain the apparent contradictions in the text as previously studied. This revolutionary treatment of the Analects rightly deserves to be the impetus for discussion among students and specialists in Chinese thought, culture, and comparative religion."

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