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You want to know what is going on, you buy a newspaper. In the scholarly world, to find out what is happening, you read the journals. The Project puts out two journals. Together, they are meant to demonstrate the universal applicability of standard philological method. Separately, they offer a consecutive look at leading-edge research in its two chief fields of endeavor: Classical China and New Testament Studies. These, respectively, are Warring States Papers and Alpha.

In applying standard methods to major unsolved textual problems, these journals seek (a) to establish the nature and interrelations of the texts, including the recognition of interpolations and of text growth generally; (b) to date the texts or their constituent layers; and finally (c) to read the history of the period from that newly available source material. In both fields, with their core of culturally protected texts, these fundamental preliminaries have tended to be overlooked. The Project's revolution has consisted in large part of not overlooking them. Once the basic questions have been asked and at least in part answered, the history of each period is more readily available for study as such, for comparison with similar developments both ancient and modern.

New contributions developing this methodologically fresh beginning are welcome. To encourage them, and to ensure variety in each annual volume, the journals emphasize short articles rather than long disquisitions. See first the Guidelines for Authors, and then contact the Editors.

Sample papers from the current and some future volumes are available at this site. After the print edition is exhausted, the full contents of each volume will be available in permanent free-access form at the University's ScholarWorks archive, as well as on some outside databases.

Warring States Papers

WSP makes available, in conveniently citable form, material from the Warring States Project's distributed Notes and Queries, its Conferences and its E-mail dialogue, going back to 1993 and now constituting a sizable body of significant results, as well as relevant new research from scholars around the world.

The first volume (cover date 2010) was delayed for technical reasons, and appeared in May 2012. It is hoped that subsequent volumes will follow at roughly half-year intervals until the cover date and the calendar date coincide, and will appear annually thereafter. For Volume 1, and links to other volumes and related information, click here.


Alpha shares some methodological and comparative material from Warring States Papers, and contains most of the Project's New Testament researches (a few smaller articles are included in Warring States Papers also, as overlap material). Results so far have tended to identify a hitherto only suspected form of pre-Pauline Christianity to which we have given the name Alpha. The Project's contact with the NT scholarly community has been chiefly in connection with regional and national meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature, and from those meetings a small circle of interested persons has formed, who keep in touch via the Alpha Christianity section of this site and its associated E-mail conversation.

Apart from the intention to make it an annual publication, the format and mode of distribution of Alpha have not yet been decided. Meanwhile, it is available in prospective form in this section. For Volume 1, and links to other volumes and related information, click here.

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