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Contents of Volume 4 (2013)
Print ISSN: 1089-1161
Electronic ISSN: 2155-7446
Volume 4 ISBN: 978-1-936166-04-6 (paper)
Scheduled to appear: July 2015
Some articles are available as preprints; page numbers are not final

Front Matter

Front Cover
Inside Front Cover (Editorial and Advisory Boards)
Title Page and Verso (Copyright and Bibliographic Information)
Preface (Alvin P Cohen)

Language, Ambience, and Methodology

Parallelism in the Confucius Sayings (A Taeko Brooks)
Nonrhyming Codas in the Jou Sung (E Bruce Brooks)
Grammatical Differences in MZ 46-50 (E Bruce Brooks)
Jung-gwo in the Dzwo Jwan
(E Bruce Brooks)
The Old Chinese Word for China (Christopher I Beckwith)
The Jou Rvn Sayings (E Bruce Brooks)
Jung Yung 20:9 (E Bruce Brooks)
Style and Authorship in the Shr Ji (Barbara Meisterernst)
After Dolon (E Bruce Brooks)
The Resurrection of Jesus in Mark (E Bruce Brooks)
Evidence for Interpolation in Paul (William O Walker Jr)
"Source Doublets" in Matthew (E Bruce Brooks)

Barnabas (Keith L Yoder)
The Normal Distribution (E Bruce Brooks)
The Fisherman Fallacy (E Bruce Brooks)


Some Not Quite Common Lines in the Shr (Pei Pu-syen)
The Bei Poems (E Bruce Brooks)
The Chi Decade (E Bruce Brooks)
The Shau-nan Poems (E Bruce Brooks)
Shr 235 and the Jou Conquest (E Bruce Brooks)
One-Poem Extensions in the Shr (E Bruce Brooks)
The Shu Concerning Lwo (A Taeko Brooks)
The Lw Sying (E Bruce Brooks)
The MZ 40 Logical Canons (E Bruce Brooks and A Taeko Brooks)
Mwodz 47 (E Bruce Brooks)
Addenda to the Gwandz Economics Chapters (Peng Ke)
The Formation of the Wudz (A Taeko Brooks)
Mencius 4 (E Bruce Brooks)
The Li Ji (E Bruce Brooks)
The Jung Yung (A Taeko Brooks)
Jwangdz 17 (A Taeko Brooks)
Jwangdz 18 (A Taeko Brooks)
Jwangdz 19 (A Taeko Brooks)
Jwangdz 1 (Chris Fraser)
The Jan-gwo Tsv (E Bruce Brooks)
An Anatomy of Shr Ji 70 (Eric Henry)
Szma Chyen and the Shr Ji (E Bruce Brooks)
The Didache (E Bruce Brooks)

Historical Studies

Covenants in the Chun/Chyou (A Taeko Brooks)
Jisun Hangfu (E Bruce Brooks)
Sya Ji (Eric Henry)
Shan Jing South (E Bruce Brooks)
Dzou Yen (E Bruce Brooks)
Ngwei Jau-wang (E Bruce Brooks)
Wu Chi (E Bruce Brooks)
The Second Mencian School (E Bruce Brooks)
The Mencians on the Mind (A Taeko Brooks)
The First Master (E Bruce Brooks)
The Career of Sywndz (E Bruce Brooks)
Jwang Jou (E Bruce Brooks)
The Tsinghua Calligraphers (Zhongwei Shen)
An External Soul in DJ 7/3:6 (E Bruce Brooks)
Again the Physician From Chin (E Bruce Brooks and Boyd T Hehn)
Mycenaean Chariot Warfare (Marios Philippides)
Iron in the Iliad (E Bruce Brooks)
Salome (E Bruce Brooks)
The Conversion of Paul (E Bruce Brooks)
The Holy Spirit in Luke (E Bruce Brooks)
de Moivre (E Bruce Brooks)
Trial by Jury (E Bruce Brooks)


Chinese Romanization Table 251-254
Text Abbreviations 255
Journal and Monograph Abbreviations 256

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