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Contents of Volume 3 (2012)
Print ISSN: 1089-1161
Electronic ISSN: 2155-7446
Volume 3 ISBN: 978-1-936166-03-9 (paper)
Presently scheduled to appear: December 2014

Contents are still tentative, and page numbers are not final
Some articles are available as preprints

Front Matter

Front Cover
Inside Front Cover (Editorial and Advisory Boards)
Title Page and Verso (Copyright and Bibliographic Information)
Preface (Alvin P Cohen)

Language, Ambience, and Methodology

Contact Between Warring States Texts (E Bruce Brooks)
Mwodz Citations in the Yendz Chun/Chyou (Stephen W Durrant)
Verb Aspect in the Mician Canons (E Bruce Brooks)
The Wu Dance (E Bruce Brooks)
A Confucian Irony in LY 4:15 (César Guarde)
Oral Tradition in Analects 9 (A Taeko Brooks)
Four Classical Military Texts (A Taeko Brooks)
The Wú and Yuè
Chapters in Guóyu (Eric Henry)
Dolon (E Bruce Brooks)
The Gentile Mission in Mark (E Bruce Brooks)
An Interpolation in 1 Thessalonians (E Bruce Brooks)
Relocated Passages in Luke (E Bruce Brooks)
Colossians and Ephesians (E Bruce Brooks)
Lazarus in Luke and John (Keith L Yoder)
The Binomial Distribution (E Bruce Brooks)
The Boar's Tusk Fallacy (E Bruce Brooks)


The Shr (E Bruce Brooks)
More Common Lines in the Shr (A Taeko Brooks)
The Yung Decade (E Bruce Brooks)
The Wei Decade (E Bruce Brooks)
The Wang Decade (E Bruce Brooks)
The Shu Addressed to Fvng (A Taeko Brooks)
Chu Material in the Dzwo Jwan (Barry B Blakeley)
The Tauwu (E Bruce Brooks)
The Formation of the Mician Corpus (A Taeko Brooks)
Mwodz 46 (E Bruce Brooks)
The Gwandz Meditation Chapters (A Taeko Brooks)
Shang-jywn Shu 11-12 (E Bruce Brooks)

Mencius 3 (E Bruce Brooks)
The Jwangdz Primitivists (A Taeko Brooks)
The Early Jan-gwo Tsv (Pamela Tuffley and Amy Potthast)
Fang Bau on the Shr Ji (E Bruce Brooks)
The Iliad (E Bruce Brooks)
Duplicate Lines in the Iliad (Keith L Yoder)
The Two Ways (E Bruce Brooks)

Historical Studies

Killing in the Chun/Chyou (A Taeko Brooks)
Jau Dun (A Taeko Brooks)
Dzang Wvn-jung (E Bruce Brooks)
Yi Transmission (E Bruce Brooks)
The Marriage of Wu Mvngdz (E Bruce Brooks)
The Death of Confucius (E Bruce Brooks)
One (E Bruce Brooks)
The Third Master (Franklin Perkins)
Ngwei Syang-wang (E Bruce Brooks)
Ji-sya (E Bruce Brooks)
Shan Jing Center (E Bruce Brooks)
The Dates of Mencius (E Bruce Brooks)
The Shangbwo Calligraphers (Zhongwei Shen)
Against Dzung-fa (Constance A Cook)
Indigo (Alvin P Cohen)
Green (E Bruce Brooks)
Confucian Values and the Four Yi (Eric Henry)
The Shaman's Revenge (E Bruce Brooks and Boyd T Hehn)
Shand Chariot Warfare (David N Keightley)
The Jesus Five and The Twelve (E Bruce Brooks)
Paul's Second Imprisonment (E Bruce Brooks)
Bernoulli (E Bruce Brooks)
Indica in Warring States Texts (A Taeko Brooks)


Chinese Romanization Table 251-254
Text Abbreviations 255
Journal and Monograph Abbreviations 256

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Inside Back Cover (Order and Indexing Information)
Back Cover

The open access version of WSP v3 will be available at the University's ScholarWorks archive when the print edition is exhausted.

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