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Contents of Volume 2 (2011)
Print ISSN: 1089-1161
Electronic ISSN: 2155-7446
Volume 2 ISBN: 978-1-936166-02-2 (paper)
Presently scheduled to appear: July 2014

Contents are still tentative, and page numbers are not final
Some articles are available as preprints

Front Matter

Front Cover
Title Page and Verso (Copyright and Bibliographic Information)
Preface (Alvin P Cohen)

Language, Ambience, and Methodology

Contact Between Warring States Texts (E Bruce Brooks)
The Jou Rvn Sayings (E Bruce Brooks)
The Gwodyen Tutor (A Taeko Brooks)
Confucius Tradition in the Mencius (A Taeko Brooks)
Localisms in the Wei Poems (E Bruce Brooks)
Old Chinese 'Boat' (Christopher I Beckwith)
Doubling in Dzwo Jwan (Eric Henry)
The Authorship of the Jwangdz (E Bruce Brooks)

Three Iliad Interpolations (E Bruce Brooks)
A Variant Reading in 1 Thessalonians (E Bruce Brooks)

"Them" in John 19:16 (Keith L Yoder)
Binary Possibilities (E Bruce Brooks)
Arguments From Silence (E Bruce Brooks)


Some Common Lines in the Shr (A Taeko Brooks)
Another Note on Shr 220 (E Bruce Brooks)
Shr 189 and Its Neighbors (E Bruce Brooks)
The Shu (E Bruce Brooks)
The Jyou Gau (A Taeko Brooks)

Two Female Commoners in Dzwo Jwan (Eric Henry)
Z 35-37 "Against Fate" (A Taeko Brooks)
The Aetiology of the Sundz (A Taeko Brooks)
Lau Dan and the Dau/Dv Jing (E Bruce Brooks)
Mencius 2A2 in Meditation Context (A Taeko Brooks)

Again the Mencius 1 Interpolations (E Bruce Brooks)
Mencius 2 (E Bruce Brooks)
Layers in Mencius 1A3 (Dewei Shen)
Pleasure in Mencius 1 (Andrew Lambert)
Mencius 1B4 and the Proto-Yendz (Stephen W Durrant)
Dzvng Syi in Mencius 2A1 (E Bruce Brooks)
The Gwodyen Lu Mu-gung Anecdote (E Bruce Brooks)
Jwangdz 33 (A Taeko Brooks)
Szma Tan and the Shr Ji (E Bruce Brooks)

Historical Studies

Rvn in the Chun/Chyou (A Taeko Brooks)
Gwan Jung and the Mass Army (E Bruce Brooks)
Disorderly Intoxication in the Shr (A Taeko Brooks)
Fouchyou Bwo (E Bruce Brooks)
Jou Evidence for Yi Divination (E Bruce Brooks)
Dz-sz (E Bruce Brooks)
The Xing Qi Jade Inscription (Gilbert L Mattos)
The Dates of Mencius (E Bruce Brooks)
Ngwei Syang-wang (E Bruce Brooks)
The Gwodyen Calligraphers (Zhongwei Shen)
The Career of Sywndz (E Bruce Brooks)
Warring States Economy and Trade (Constance A Cook)
Supernatural Retribution in Warring States Texts (Alvin P Cohen)
Ghosts and Spirits in Mician Thought (A Taeko Brooks)
The Parable of the Canny Steward (E Bruce Brooks)


Chinese Romanization Table
Text Abbreviations
Journal and Monograph Abbreviations
Inside Back Cover (Order and Indexing Information)

The open access version of WSP v2 will be available at the University's ScholarWorks archive when the print edition is exhausted.

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