We are sometimes asked for our opinion of some book, or encounter one that we think deserves wider attention. Most of the resulting comments are online. Here is a selection of these onoine reviews, grouped by subject, from the Sinological and Biblical fields. They typically focus on one aspect of a book, and are not offered as evaluations of the whole.

  • Historiography, Chinese and Other
    • Levenson. China: An Interpretive History (1969)
    • Tainter. Collapse in Complex Societies (1988)
    • Henige. Historical Evidence and Argument (2005)
    • C S Chang. The Rise of the Chinese Empire (2007)
  • The Classical Chinese Philosophers
    • Dubs. Hsuntze, Moulder of Confucianism (1927)
    • de Bary et al. Sources of Chinese Tradition (2ed 1999)
    • Schaberg. A Paterned Past:Form and Thought in Early Chinese Historiography (2001)
    • Pines. Foundations of Confucian Thought: Intellectual Life in the Chunqiu Period (2002)
    • Graham. The Jwangdz Inner Chapters (2002)
    • Roth. A Companion to Graham (2003)
  • On The Need for an Adult Populace
    • Hansen. The Open Empire (2000)
    • Watson. The Analects of Confucius (2007)
  • Law and Statecraft
    • Vandermeersch. La Formation du Légisme (1965)
    • K C Chang. Shang Civilization (1980)
    • Skosey. The Legal System and Legal Tradition of the Western Zhou (1996)
  • War
  • Confucianism as a Religion
  • Primitive and Later Christianity

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