E Bruce Brooks

E Bruce Brooks

Research Professor of Chinese
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Director, Warring States Project

MusB, Oberlin Conservatory, 1958
PhD, University of Washington, 1968

Yakamochi Sampler (East-West Review v3 #1, 1966)
A Geometry of the Shr Pin (Wen-lin #1, 1968)
The Pesent State and fFuture Prospects of Pre-Han Textual Study (SPP #46, 1994)
The Life and Mentorship of Confucius (SPP #72, 1996)
Alexandrian Motifs in Chinese Texts (SPP #96, 1999)
Shr 195 and Shu 32 (WSP v1, 2010)
Interrogative Yen and An in Jwangdz (WSP v1, 2010)
Probability and the Gwodyen Dau/Dv Jing (WSP v1, 2010)
Adverbial Pothen in Mark 12:37 (WSP v1, 2010)
The Reader in the Text (WSP v1, 2010)
Template Songs of Chvn (WSP v1, 2010)
The Formation of the Dau/Dv Jing (WSP v1, 2010)
The Interviews of Mencius (WSP v1, 2010)
Dual Authorship in Shr Ji 63 (WSP v1, 2010)
The Han Dzvngdz (WSP v1, 2010)
Gospel Trajectories (WSP v1, 2010)
Climate Cycles in Spring and Autumn (WSP v1, 2010)
From Point to Area State (WSP v1, 2010)
Numbers and Losses at Chvng-pu (WSP v1, 2010)
Lord Shng (WSP v1, 2010)
Political Geography of the Shr (WSP v1, 2010)
Sun Wu (WSP v1, 2010)

Chinese Character Frequency Lists (SinFac Minor, 1976)
Intellectual Dynamics of the Warring States Period (Studies in Chinese History #7, 1997)
The Original Analects (Columbia 1998)
The Nature and Historical Context of the Mencius
in Chan (ed), Mencius, Hawaii (2002)
Word Philology and Text Philology in Analects 9:1
in Van Norden (ed), Confucius and the Analects, Oxford (2002)
Defeat in the Chun/Chyou (WSP v1, 2010)
Peace in Multi-State Systems (WSP v1, 2010)
The Emergence of China (2015)

Was There a Xia Dynasty? SPP #238, (2013)
Before and After Matthew; in Jefford and Draper, Studies in the Didache (forthcoming)

Reviews and Review Articles:
Irwin, Four Classical Asian Plays (1972; in Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, v9 #1, 1974)
Landau, Beyond Spring (1994; in Asian Thought and Society, v20 #60, 1995)
Dubs,Hsuntze (1927)
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C S Chang, The Rise of the Chinese Empire (2007)
Watson, The Analects of Confucius (2007)
Snodgrass, Stories with Intent (2008)
Ferguson, Baptism in the Early Church (2009)

Lectures and Interviews:
Toward Citizenship in Warring States China (AOS Toronto, 1998)
Warring States Problems (ICANAS 36 Montréal, 2000
Competing Systems in Pre-Imperial State Formation (Waseda, 2000)
The Pentagrams of the Proto-Yi (Collège de France, 2001)
Social Engagement vs Inward Turning in the Mencius (Wesleyan, 2001)
The Date of the Buddha (Harvard, 2002)
International Relations in Ancient China (Harvard, 2002)
Nine Maxims on Translation (University of Massachusetts, 2002)
Philology in an Old Key: Lord Shang Revisited (Leiden, 2003)
Eastern Light on the Synoptic Problem (University of North Carolina, 2005)
Confucius and the Gospels (Yale, 2005)
Prolegomena to Proto-Luke (SBL, 2007)
The Many Lives of Yen Hwei (Clark, 2008)
The Other China: An Ancient Philosophy of Peace (Clark, 2008)
The Lowdown on Laudz (University of Oregon, 2012)
Interview with Tao Youlan: Translating the Analects (2019)

Conference Presentations:
The Date of the Buddha (Harvard University, 2002)
Contact Between Warring States Texts (Chicago, 2011)

American Oriental Society
Association for Asian Studies
Society for the Study of Early China
Society of Biblical Literature
Society of Military History

Research Professor of Chinese, Warring States Project, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1993)
Adjunct Professor, Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Graduate Faculty, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Mail: 39 Hillside Road, Northampton MA 01060
Phone:: (413) 584-1810
E-mail: ebbrooks@research.umass.edu