The Project has the advantage of advice and assistance from many. Its basic funding at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst is provided by the Dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts and the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement, with fiscal support provided by the Research Office, and with technical assistance from various individuals in the US and Canada. From time to time, the Project designates Senior Research Fellows, whose work parallels and complements that of the Project.

Its publication program, comprising two journals and several book series, is overseen by an Editorial Board, assisted by Copy Editors, with advice from an international group of Advisors who are specialists in one or more of our fields of interest. To all, we are grateful.

Research Staff
  • Principals
  • Senior Research Fellows
  • Outreach
    • Jacob L Wright (Ellsberg Center)
  • Technical Support
    • Keith Yoder, Rochefort Laboratory (Greek and Hebrew Stylistics)
    • Sergey Zinin, Turing Laboratory (Chinese Stylistics)
    • Jerome Brossard, Communications
  • Fiscal Support
    • Lisa Wegiel, Business Manager
    • Colleen Venditti, Accountant
Publication Program
    • Editorial Board
      • Alvin P Cohen (Massachusetts/Amherst)
      • Haun Saussy (Chicago)
      • E Bruce Brooks (Massachusetts/Amherst)
    • Copy Editing
      • Larissa Kennedy (Illinois State)
    • Advisors
      • Stephen C Angle (Wesleyan)
      • Harold W Attridge (Yale)
      • Barry B Blakeley (Seton Hall)
      • Albert Brewster (Woodacre, California)
      • Mark E Byington (Harvard)
      • David Chai (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
      • Stephen L Cook (Virginia Theological Seminary)
      • Edwin A Cranston (Harvard)
      • Paul B Duff (George Washington)
      • Lisbeth S Fried (Michigan)
      • Matthew Goldstone (Academy for Jewish Religion)
      • David A Graff (Kansas State)
      • Dennis Grafflin (Bates)
      • Robert H Gundry (Westmont)
      • Charles G Haberl (Rutgers)
      • John B Henderson (Louisiana State)
      • Eric Henry (North Carolina/Chapel Hill)
      • Manyul Im (Bridgeport)
      • Boram Lee (Karnataka Samskrit University, Bangalore)
      • Tim Lubin (Washington and Lee)
      • Edmondo Lupieri (Loyola of Chicago)
      • William H Nienhauser Jr (Wisconsin/Madison)
      • Jörg Schumacher (Genève)
      • Zhongwei Shen (Massachusetts/Amherst)
      • Carol Thomas (Washington)
      • C Michele Thompson (Southern Connecticut)
      • Karen Turner (Holy Cross)
      • Joseph Verheyden (Leuven)
      • William O Walker Jr (Trinity)
      • Jacob L Wright (Emory)
      • Don J Wyatt (Middlebury)
      • Keith L Yoder (Massachusetts/Amherst

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