Presenting History
Writing It Up

Manuals of music composition do not have a final chapter on musical penmanship. Textbooks of topology do not conclude with instructions on how to format a paper for a topology journal. But the writing up of history bulks large in the methodology of history. This is partly because history began as a large audience enterprise, and considerations of large-audience effectiveness have persisted into its scientific period. We are here concerned with small audiences, but whatever the size of your audience, bad presentation will not help the cause. So here are some hints on style and presentation, as homage to tradition, and to supply a category which readers may expect to find. For detailed hints on English in particular (the recommendations which follow are meant to work in any language), see the Readings list at the end. With the usual grain of judgemental salt.

Blocked at the Typewriter

[Reader expectation or no, we would not have included this page without having been reminded, by the Jerry Muller article listed below, that there really is a problem in this area].



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