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Setting Out

OK, but how does one start?

History is difficult; no question about it. The current attack on history exaggerates the difficulties as impossibilities, but we should take the real difficulties into account. Some of them are personal, and some have to do with the subject itself. We give below a few thoughts on both aspects, for what they may be worth to someone getting started.

In these notes, we often emphasize the continuity of historical method with scientific method. It is in the sciences that the art of finding out is most valued, and the experience of the sciences is thus a rich resource for the humanist. We caution against a too hasty importation of "science" into the understanding of the human realm, but some of the methodological experience of the sciences has been tapped here, to demonstrate that all systematic modes of inquiry are ultimately the same.


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We are grateful to Carol Thomas for thinking, years ago, that it might be helpful to collect these methodological notions. We were flabbergasted, more recently, to find that several people around the world actually found them helpful. We thank all who have contributed criticisms and suggestions, and invite further criticisms and suggestions. They may be made via the link at the bottom of each of these pages.

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