History is not easy. It takes time, it takes thought, it takes an open mind presserved over decades. Some events are beyond recovery, and others may require evidence drawn from far afield for their discovery or interpretation. But apart from this, there are difficulties that are not merely personal, but are imposed from the larger culture, general tendencies which may affect the work of every historian. Absent a general campaign of which there is no present sign, they require resistence to current popular ways of seeing things. This section offers some examples of these more systemic difficulties.

Here are cases, not mentioned by Ranke, where courage - courage against the tide - may be called for by the practicing historian.


If one should ask, How are these different from the Errors in the next section, we don't have a clear answer, Except that, pedagogically, two short lists may be easier for the beset beginner to handle than one long one. As for making this short list a little longer, we are always open to suggestions. Contact us at the mail link below.

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