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"In principle, all study is a collaborative enterprise, and any study advances faster when it is collaborative in fact." So says our home page.

Our current research is indeed collaborative, being carried on in part through E-mail lists which bring together American and international scholars in discussion of problems in our four fields of investigation. The other three fields give comparative breadth to our primary Sinological studies, helping to suggest which aspects of a culture may be universal, and which more particular; and to test the applicability of our methods to texts rooted in different cultures and expressed in different languages.

In each of our fields, we emphasize the importance of performance, and the simple question of how long things take, from the quatrain to the full Chinese opera, or from the twenty-minute lay to the four-day Panathenaea presentation of the Iliad. Our four fields are:
New Testament

Hebrew Bible

Our approach throughout is historical-critical in nature. It is independent of orthodoxies, whether sacred, secular, or national. Research so far has opened up new horizons of possible investigation, and enlivened many subjects that had seemed either frustratingly insoluble, or else boringly solved. We believe that the future is promising.

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