6-8 Dec 2013 / University of Massachusetts at Amherst


Mencius 1-3

WSWG 26 follows on the 2nd NECCT Conference at Wesleyan University, and seeks to gather some of its participants and a few others for further discussion of the southern chapters of the Mencius: MC 1-3, in part as a last editorial critique before some summaries of those chapters are finalized for publication in WSP v2 and v3. Additional contributions for those and later volumes of WSP are also hoped for, whether from those attending in person or from those contributing to discussion on the CGC E-list. Papers, drafts, and discussion memoranda for consideration at the conference are posted on the Mencius page of the Project's Discussion Forum. Additional contributions for that page are welcome.

Any idea may be proposed, but the starting point for this discussion in the Project's finding that the MC 1 interviews are only half genuine, and that the remaining chapters divide into a southern school, which emphasizes an economically-tinged statecraft (MC 2-3) and a northern school, which emphasizes a more meditationally tinged personal philosophy (MC 4-7). For references as well as current work, see the Mencius page. This view has proved fruitful in the decade and more since it was first proposed (Singapore, 1998), and we hope to see if it can be further refined and extended.

Not everyone attending will be present for the whole weekend, but all will be accommodated. For driving directions, see our general Travel Page and the linked Car page. Our General Information page will also be helpful for first-time visitors to the UMass campus.

The program below is tentative, and will be updated as information becomes available. Plans for this time of year are subject to cancellation in the event of severe snowstorm; all those intending to come will be notified if this seems likely to happen. At this writing (5 Dec), the weather will be rainy on Friday, partly sunny and cold on Saturday and Sunday.

We plan a further conference on MC 4-5 (including the question of the separation of northern and southern Mencian schools) in spring 2014, and one on MC 6-7 in the fall of that year. The Business Meeting at WSWG 26 will be partly devoted to clarifying these plans. Heavy snow probabilities will by preference be avoided.


Friday 6 Dec 2013

6 PM: Dinner arrangement for those arriving early can be made among those individuals.
Hotel: Draine, Lambert, Im (3)

Saturday 7 Dec 2013

7-8:50 AM. Complimentary breakfast in Hotel lobby

9 AM.First Morning Session: The Mencius 1 Interpolations (Room 801)
Word of Welcome: Dean Julie Hayes, College of Humanities and Fine Arts

10:15 AM. Break (coffee/tea/soda, cookies; served in Conference room) (6)
Those leaving this evening should check out at Reception Desk (3rd Floor) and bring luggage to Conference Room

10:45 AM.Second Morning Session: The MC 2 Core Sayings, 2A3-2B1 and MC 4A (Room 801)

12:00 NOON.Lunch Buffet (served in Hadley Room, room 1001, 10th floor) (7)

1:00 PM.First Afternoon Session: The Remainder of MC 2 (2A1, 2A2, 2B2-10) (Room 801)

2:15 PM.Break (coffee/tea/soda, cookies; served in Conference room) (7)

2:45 PM. Second Afternoon Session: The Relation Between MC 3 and MC 7 (Room 801)
Session ends at 4:00 PM
Departing after Session: Im, Turner (2)

6 PM. Chinese Dinner (Ginger Garden, 351 Northampton Road, Amherst 01002) (5)
Hotel: Draine, Lambert, Wyatt (3)

Sunday 8 Dec 2013

7-8:50 AM. Complimentary breakfast in Hotel lobby

9 AM. First Morning Session: MC 3A (Room 801)

10:15 AM. Break (coffee/tea/soda, cookies; served in Conference room) (5)
All hotel guests should check out at Reception Desk (3rd Floor) and bring luggage to Conference Room

10:45 AM. Final Session: MC 3B (Room 801)

12 NOON. Working Lunch (served in Conference room) (5)
Includes a few minutes of future planning

1 PM. Conference concludes


In Person / *In Absentia

*Stephen C Angle (Wesleyan)
*Tom Bartlett (Stanford)
A Taeko Brooks (UMass/Amherst)
E Bruce Brooks (UMass/Amherst)
*Alice Cheang (UMass/Amherst)
Patrick Draine (UMass/Amherst)
*Stephen W Durrant (U Oregon)
*Eirik Lang Harris (Hong Kong)
Manyul Im (Fairfield; Friday night and Saturday only)
Andrew Lambert (Western New England)
*Boram Lee (India)
*Jörg Schumacher (Geneva)
*Dewei Shen (Yale)
Karen Turner (Holy Cross; Saturday only)
Don Wyatt (Middlebury; Saturday afternoon and Sunday only)

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