6-9 Oct 2005, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

WSWG 21 focused on a single problem, the nature and authorship of the Shr Ji. It was the second international conference in the WSWG series (the first being WSWG 17, at Leiden in September 2003), and the first in North America. A special guest was Michael Loewe of Cambridge, whose work in Chin and Han history has provided much of the background against which any such question can be fruitfully asked.


Thursday 6 Oct 2005
The Authorship of the Shr Ji

Introduction (E Bruce Brooks)
Difficulties in the Way of a Solution (Michael Loewe)
Ban Gu as a Reader of the Shr Ji (A Taeko Brooks; deferred to Sunday morning)
Clearing the Ground: Chu Shau-sun, Yang Ywn, and Fvng Shang (General Discussion)
A Tan/Chyen Authorship Proposal (E Bruce Brooks, partly predistributed)

Dorothee Schaab-Hanke at WSWG 21

The "I" in the Shr Ji (Dorothee Schaab-Hanke)
Linguistic Criteria (Barbara Meisterernst)
Stylistics (A Taeko Brooks; topic omitted by general agreement)
Previous Tan Suggestions (Discussion of Jang Da-kv's summary)

6 PM: Duyvendak Memorial Banquet (Lord Jeffery Inn, Amherst)

Friday 7 Oct 2005
The Background of the Shr Ji

Michael Loewe at WSWG 21

The Times of Szma Tan and Szma Chyen (Michael Loewe, predistributed)
SJ 22 as Political Background (A Taeko Brooks; deferred to Sunday morning)
Intellectual Milieu (Paul van Els, predistributed)
New Suggestions for the Chronology of Tan and Chyen (Stephen Durrant)

2 PM: Public Lecture in Room 905: Chin and Han Law (Michael Loewe)
3 PM: Reception in Room 1001

Saturday 8 Oct 2005. Shr Ji Sources and Traditions

Gungyang Jwan and Gulyang Jwan (Chang Tuan-sui, predistributed note)
The Chu/Han Chun/Chyou (Stephen Durrant)
Jan-gwo Tsv: A Report on Work in Progress (E Bruce Brooks)
Estimate (Michael Loewe)

Eric Henry at WSWG 21

The Shr Ji in Han Anecdotal Tradition (Eric Henry, predistributed)
The Personalities of Tan and Chyen (Stephen Durrant)
The Shr Ji in Comparative Perspective (Raphael Sealey, predistributed)

6 PM: Dinner (All Fired Up, Hadley)

Sunday 9 Oct 2005
Editorial Conference

12 Noon: Lunch


In Person / *In Absentia

A Taeko Brooks (UMass/Amherst)
E Bruce Brooks (UMass/Amherst)
*Chang Tuan-sui (Tunghai)
Alvin P Cohen (UMass/Amherst)
Stephen W Durrant (Oregon)
Paul van Els (Leiden)
Mary E Franck (UMass/Amherst)
Martin Hanke (Hamburg)
Eric Henry (North Carolina)
Barbara Meisterernst (Berlin and Paris)
Dorothee Schaab-Hanke (Hamburg and Leuven)
*Raphael Sealey (Berkeley)

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